Free Salesforce Book – 3 Steps to a Cleaner Org

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It’s no secret that without the proper oversight, process, documentation or expertise, a Salesforce Org can quickly spiral out of control.

A lot of the projects I have worked on in the past have been clean-up or optimisation projects that require us to sync Salesforce back to the business. A lot of Salesforce customers implement Salesforce and then think of the project as a job well done…until inevitably the system falls down as the business moves away from the implementation. This is a costly exercise.

Salesforce has to be thought of as a system that needs attention. Just like a garden needs pruning, and a car needs maintenance, Salesforce requires the odd bit of oil every now and then.

The team over at who have produced some great content here on in the past, are experts in this field and have brought us a gift.

Chaos to Control

Chaos to Control is a new book brought out by the team and aims to support Admins & Consultants with a variety of challenges they face in their roles. The team have identified the following use cases that this book helps to support…

  • If you’re migrating to Lightning
  • Building out a new Org
  • Enhancing an Existing Org
  • Running a cleanup project
  • Trying to get an Org under control
  • New Admin trying to understand what you have inherited
  • Consultant starting a new project
  • Consultant with a clean-up project


The book is a great way for people in the Salesforce industry to understand the challenges of running an Org, and how mistakes happen. It has a lot of real-life examples in, as well as some testimonials from users that have followed the processes. The book aims to be pragmatic and has a huge amount of information as well as step-by-step guides to support you with your Org.

Download here and enjoy!

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