FormAssembly Workflow: The New Way to Automate Data Collection

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Work is complicated—there’s no way around that. On a daily basis, you need to track down information, keep projects running smoothly, and maintain records of your work, all while keeping your manager and team members up to speed on everything you’re working on. 

What if there was a way to streamline the repetitive tasks and processes you complete every day? A method that offered flexibility based on your needs and integrated with Salesforce to boot?

FormAssembly Workflow is FormAssembly’s biggest data collection transformation yet—a new way to build complex process roadmaps that include FormAssembly forms, emails, integration actions, and more. You can take your processes to the next level by automating data collection and decision making with easy-to-set-up and easy-to-manage workflows. 

Work shouldn’t be so complicated, and that’s exactly why we built this feature. Keep reading to learn how Workflow can help your organization boost team collaboration and work more efficiently.

What is FormAssembly Workflow?

FormAssembly Workflow expands FormAssembly’s already powerful form-building capabilities.  It includes a visual, no-code process builder that allows you to construct data collection maps that combine web forms, emails, connectors, and other actions. You can build simple or complex workflows to streamline processes for any department in your company.

Imagine a world where work just flows

Streamlined, simplified processes are just one benefit of using FormAssembly Workflow, but there are several other ways that Workflow just makes your work—flow

Make better decisions

Workflow enables better decision-making through automated conditional routing. With a few clicks, you can turn what used to be a unique decision into an automated process that progresses based on factors that you set up.

Enhance teamwork

Workflow boosts teamwork through email notifications, connector executions, and the ability to involve multiple participants in a workflow. All of these things help to automatically keep people on the same page and in the loop about important business processes.

Save time & money

Repetitive processes and data collection take valuable time away from more meaningful work you could be doing. Workflow can help to save time and money by automating low-level tasks such as email notifications, audit trails and logging, and decision-making.

Built for you to use and customize

Just like FormAssembly itself, Workflow is meant to be customizable to your processes. It’s especially fitting for use cases that fall into the categories of approvals, compliance/audit trails, and quality control/pre-qualification, but in practice, it can be used for nearly any process you want to streamline.

The workflow includes several features that make customization easy, including:

  • No-code workflow builder — Allows you to combine forms, emails, and other actions to build multi-step processes and see a bird’s eye of the journey your data will take—from people, to forms, to connected services like Salesforce, Stripe, or Google Sheets.
  • Form-to-form prefilling — FormAssembly Workflow allows you to reference any collected data throughout your entire workflow. 
  • External integrations — Integrations can be used with Workflow, just as they are with FormAssembly forms. Workflow also allows users to conditionally trigger connectors based on actions in the workflow.
  • Easy launch options — Users can easily put their workflows into action by simply sharing a link with respondents through email, SMS, their website, or some other method.

Powerful Salesforce integration

Workflow can be used without external integrations to create powerful, automated processes, but it’s even more useful when you combine it with outside tools, such as Salesforce. If you’re familiar at all with FormAssembly’s Salesforce integration functionality for our web forms, you know that it’s possible to create and update records for any object in Salesforce, even custom ones. 

With Workflow, it’s possible to add integrations that let you connect data in a similar way. Connectors added to workflows can also be triggered to run conditionally based on requirements in your workflow.

Workflow is available now to all new FormAssembly Enterprise and above users.

Ready to rethink everything you thought you knew about data collection? Visit FormAssembly’s website or reach out to our sales team if you’d like to start exploring an account.

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