First Online Nonprofit Salesforce CRM Summit

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NPOCRM speakers AUGUST 1 - 12, 2016 twitter post

Have you heard? A new event is on the horizon for the Salesforce community. The first dedicated online gathering for nonprofit organizations using (or interested in using) Salesforce kicks off August 1, 2016. And the best part? Tickets are free (but only for a limited time). That’s right, the Nonprofit CRM Summit is the first event of it’s kind, and with no travel required, there’s no reason you shouldn’t attend to boost your skills for social change. Here’s what you need to know:

Who is it for?

– The Organization that Wants a CRM (or knows they need one)
– The Struggling Adopters (who don’t know what steps to take to succeed)
– The Overachievers (who have staffed and funded their CRM effort but want to take it to the next level)

Content is specifically designed for:

– Nonprofit Executives who aren’t sure if a CRM system is a good investment, and
– Nonprofit Staff who are looking to get hands on, boost their careers, and implement effective systems for social change.

Who is speaking?

World class social change, technology, and CRM leaders, such as:
Mike Gerholdt
Ben McCarthy
Joni Martin
Justin Edelstein
Shonnah Hughes
Marc Pitman
Sara Chieco
Jason Atwood
Marc Baizman
Ryan Ozimek
Robert Weiner
And many more to be announced on the web site!

When is it?

  • Soon! The Nonprofit CRM Summit (#NPOCRM) will be live online August 1 – 12, 2016
  • Forever! But wait, that’s not all! Lifetime access to all the sessions will be available during and after the Summit, including a wealth of bonus materials you will want to have. Get your free ticket for details and stay tuned for more!


  • Missy from Longshore Consulting founded the Nonprofit CRM Summit to create as much social change as possible by making CRM easy to use, starting with making the incredible experts’ knowledge easily accessible.
  • Not everyone can go to the amazing conferences focused on nonprofit technology every year!
  • Even if you can, you can’t attend every session, and you can’t replay every session as often as you want to implement the tangible takeaways.
  • Not all #NPOCRM sessions are like what you’ll see at other conferences – the Nonprofit CRM Summit offers a fantastic combination of digital strategy, fundraising coaching, technology planning, career tips, and much more so you can build a sustainable organization and life.
  • There are no travel or admission costs (but grab an all access pass for lifetime access)


  • Check out the web site for all the details and your free tickets:
  • Mark your calendar for August 1 – 12, 2016
  • Remember to watch each day’s sessions within 48 hours while they are still free.
  • Upgrade to the all access pass for access to everything, including amazing bonuses, so you’ll be sure to implement and maintain your success!

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