SF Ben Webinar

Scaling Forecasting in Salesforce: Zoom’s Story from $30M to $4.5B

February 14, 2024
5:00 PM


Henry Peng

CEO & Co-Founder at Spover

Derek Wang

COO & Co-Founder at Spover

Alyssa Lefebvre

Head of Salesforce at Aareon

Zayna Dar

Content Editor

Forecasting can help propel your organization forward – by having accurate predictions, you can make informed decisions. While Salesforce has native forecasting features that are perfect for some businesses, what if you need more?

If you worked for a hyperscaling company such as Zoom (especially during the pandemic), your requirements may be a lot more complex, and new types of tools may be needed.

In this session, Alyssa Lefebvre (RevOps Specialist) will deliver a Salesforce Forecasting masterclass, showcasing the different ways you properly forecast your sales pipeline.

You’ll also hear from Henry Peng and Derek Wang, who, as part of the Data Science team at Zoom, helped scale their RevOps & Forecasting processes from $30M in revenue in 2017 to over $4.5B in 2022.

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