SF Ben Webinar

Salesforce RevOps: Build, Buy, Or a Magic Middle Ground

May 14, 2024
4:00 PM


Erick Mahle

VP of Revenue Operations & Digital Transformation, Lendz

Ben Miller

Enterprise Account Executive, Titan

Ben McCarthy

Founder of Salesforce Ben

Salesforce RevOps is a game-changer for propelling growth and ramping up revenue. But how do you determine the best approach? Do you build a solution from scratch or leverage a tool that can do the hard yards for you? 

Is it possible to have it all with a zero-code platform that empowers you to build anything you want? Join Salesforce Ben and Titan to discuss the hot topic: “Build, Buy, Or No-Code Building”!

We will cover the:

  • Pros of building your revenue operations for Salesforce, namely flexibility and customization.
  • Cons of the “build” approach – including the time, resources, money, and maintenance involved. 
  • Advantages of buying a RevOps tool for faster deployment, minimal resources, and less maintenance.
  • Drawbacks of the “buy” route such as introducing another vendor into your tech stack.

Plus, we share how you can have the best of both worlds with Titan’s Deal Room, a no-code tool that helps you build tailored projects. Don’t miss out!