SF Ben Webinar

Real Life Use Cases for Salesforce Professionals and ChatGPT

April 11, 2024
4:00 PM


Paco Falder

Digital Customer Experience CTO, Capgemini Spain

Joseph Kubon

Andy Forbes

Salesforce CTO, Capgemini America

Philip Safir

Global VP, Salesforce Delivery, Astound Commerce

Zayna Dar

Content Editor

Join the authors of ChatGPT for Accelerating Salesforce Development (5 stars on Amazon) as they discuss the key insights, takeaways, and building blocks for bringing AI into multiple roles to drive your development process. 

The discussion will revolve around essential concepts, practical strategies, and actionable steps necessary to integrate AI seamlessly into multiple facets of your development workflow. 

From optimizing workflows to enhancing customer experiences, you’ll learn how AI technologies, particularly leveraging ChatGPT, can revolutionize your approach to Salesforce development. Don’t miss this opportunity to discover how AI can propel your Salesforce development efforts to new heights.

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