SF Ben Webinar

Maximizing Your Salesforce Savings With Different Data Connectivity

July 16, 2024
3:00 PM


Todd Wright

Senior Product Marketing Manager, Progress

Brian Derwart

Senior Technical Product Manager, Progress

Dee Surico

Salesforce Marketing Champion

Ben McCarthy

Founder of Salesforce Ben

The ability to integrate Salesforce data is vital for organizations that rely on Salesforce to power their business. But the data you pull into Salesforce is just as important to your business outcomes as the data you push out of it.

Join Todd Wright and Brian Derwart (Progress), as well as Ben McCarthy (Salesforce Ben) and Dee Surico (Salesforce Marketing Champion) to learn how to:

  • Expose any type of data in Salesforce using standards-based connectivity.
  • Improve decision-making by cost-effectively accessing data through a single interface.
  • Work within industry standards to maintain security and support data privacy.
  • Leverage Salesforce data for better BI and reporting outcomes.

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