SF Ben Webinar

How RevOps Can Accelerate Sales Cycles on Salesforce

March 6, 2024
3:00 PM


Madison Simon

Partnerships Manager, Salesforce at GetAccept

Tarek Elghawaby

Senior Product Manager at GetAccept

Remi Aagaard Morken

CEO & Co-Founder at Edda.ai

Zayna Dar

Events Content Producer

It’s no secret that sales efficiency and productivity is on everyone’s mind. In fact, 60% of businesses are set to spend their revenue budget on sales tools and technology in 2024.

In this Linkedin Live event with GetAccept, we’ll discuss the top challenges for revenue teams as identified by 300 C-level executives and share trending solutions to tackle them. 

Join us as we chat about everything from sales tech stacks and processes to driving revenue teams’ adoption of Salesforce – plus the rise of the digital sales room.