SF Ben Webinar

Best Practices for Deploying Salesforce Einstein Copilot

June 11, 2024
3:00 PM


Brian Vecci

Field CTO, Varonis

Andrew Cook

Salesforce Technical Instructor

Like other gen AI tools, Salesforce’s new conversational AI assistant will revolutionize how sales, marketing, and customer service agents interact with customers and access internal documentation within the CRM tool.

However, without a proper rollout plan and an understanding of how Salesforce Einstein Copilot works, your organization could face more risks than rewards.

In this session, we’ll share real-world use cases and expert insights on how others safely deploy gen AI within their cybersecurity environments.

Join Varonis and Salesforce Ben for an insightful discussion on mastering Einstein Copilot, including a deep dive into how the tool works and best practices that all Salesforce users can adopt.

During this session, our experts will cover:

  • How Einstein Copilot works and its primary use cases.
  • Best practices for Salesforce Admins and users to know when using the AI assistant.
  • Common security challenges to consider before deploying gen AI-powered tools.
  • Plus – we’ll answer ALL your burning questions about the CRM tool during an interactive Q&A.

If you can’t make the live session, we’ll send a recording straight to your inbox.