Einstein Voice: What’s Next for the ‘Alexa of Salesforce’

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Einstein Voice enables users to conversationally interact with the Salesforce platform via the mobile app or smart speakers e.g. Alexa, Echo, Google Home. This empowers users to perform tasks through spoken instruction, and uses AI to suggest updates and set reminders.

The numerous customer success stories from the pilot indicate that Einstein Voice is the next frontier in productivity and customer success.

Originally announced at Dreamforce ‘18, Einstein Voice has been in pilot since the Winter ‘19 release. If you haven’t already looked into Voice yet, now is the time!

  • Now available in the new Salesforce mobile app for iOS and Android.
  • Setup for this feature is available in Lightning Experience.
  • You can use Einstein Voice Skills to create voice skill sets right away (changes become visible to mobile users week commencing February 17, 2020).

Read on to learn about the exciting new Einstein Voice features revealed at Dreamforce ‘19.

Why is “Voice” even a big deal?

Voice technology is big business in the consumer market; how many of us own an Alexa, an Echo, or dictate texts to our friends in the car? We love the ability to be hands-free, we love our devices being connected, we love taking action without pressing a single button.

“Alexa – play me some music…”

“Alexa – turn on the lights…”

“Alexa – call Mum…”

Why then, don’t we see more of this type of technology in the workplace? We’ve already demonstrated that we like it, it’s intuitive, and it’s helping us stay connected whilst increasing productivity at home.

The modern workforce is remote, flexible, and often away from a desk, so the need for voice technology seems clear.

Previously voice technology has not been advanced or customizable enough to cope with business needs, however, it has come on in leaps and bounds over the past few years and many businesses (Salesforce included) are determined to make it the next big thing.

“We believe AI-enhanced conversational interfaces can transform business processes, which is why we are focusing heavily on innovation in this sphere and building in voice across the entire Salesforce system.”

  • Michael Machado, Senior Director of Product for Einstein Voice

What is Einstein Voice?

Einstein Voice enables users to conversationally interact with the Salesforce platform via the mobile app or smart speakers e.g. Alexa, Echo, Google Home.

Einstein Voice empowers users to perform tasks through spoken instruction and uses AI to suggest updates and set reminders.

Some key features include:

  • Daily Briefings – Record and share daily briefings so your sales team can listen in the car on the way to that important customer meeting.
  • Make record updates – Conversationally update records in Salesforce.
  • Notes – Capture important meeting notes as soon as you leave, even in the car on the way to your next meeting. You can also relate notes to records automatically.
  • Dashboards – Impress your boss by opening dashboards and drilling down into the data during a meeting.

Einstein Voice is a natural extension of the Salesforce platform, supporting the fundamental aims, including speed and ease of data entry to encourage real-time creation and update of records.

Who can use it?

Good question! Currently, only select customers can access Einstein Voice via a pilot program. As of now, there is no general release date, and pricing and terms have not been revealed.

What was new from Dreamforce?

Einstein Voice Skills

Einstein Voice just became a whole lot more powerful with Einstein Voice Skills. Admins and Developers can create customized and personalised “voice-powered corporate apps” via a simple interface that lets them design apps for specific types of users.

Key features include:

  • Define what actions are available such as create a task or update a record.
  • Offer next steps and automate follow up tasks.
  • Control what channel or devices apps are available on e.g. you could have a mobile-only app.
  • Create apps for specific roles such as a Field Service Agent or Sales Manager.

To paint a picture, Salesforce offers the example of an app built for a Field Technician on the way to a customer. Using the custom-built app, the Field Technician can ask Einstein about the customer’s service history.

This would also be incredibly beneficial for Sales Managers or Account Managers visiting customers; they could proactively check for recent service issues or open opportunities before arriving onsite.

Einstein Call Coaching

Einstein Call Coaching for inside sales uses Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) and Natural Language Processing (NLP) to evaluate calls, facilitating real-time insights and trend analysis.

Key features include:

  • Competitor mentions – Count how many times each of your competitors are mentioned.
  • Product mentions – Track how often products are mentioned.
  • Custom keywords – Customize your own keywords for tracking to collect the data that’s important to your company; from “expensive” to “broken”, understand what’s being said about your company and your products.
  • Talk/listen to ratio – Understand if your inside sales team has the talk to listen ratio right, customers like to be heard!
  • Management call analysis – Managers can jump straight to keyword mentions instead of listening to entire transcripts, enabling them to focus on what matters, and manage by exception.
  • Library – Create a call library of all your best bits to use as training content, getting new sales reps up to speed quickly and easily.

The power of Einstein Call Coaching really is impressive. Tracking competitor mentions provides a new, more reliable way to understand your competition.

Tracking product mentions is even more exciting; imagine being aware that chatter around a certain product was dropping and being able to proactively run a marketing campaign or a discounted offer to boost sales?

Tracking keywords can also help companies understand other issues such as being considered too expensive or a product with a defect. Overall, call coaching will have many benefits, from training to company strategy.

Service Cloud Voice

Salesforce announced it has extended its voice capabilities by embedding telephony inside Service Cloud. According to Salesforce “Service Cloud Voice unifies phone, digital channels and CRM data in real-time in one centralized console. This is the contact center of the future – intelligent, unified and fast.”

But what does this mean in layman’s terms?

Service Cloud Voice will introduce several new enhancements that will boost productivity and empower call centre agents. Key features include:

  • A single platform – By integrating telephony into the console, agents will no longer need to switch between tools and screens.
  • Reduction in data entry – We already record other customer interactions such as texts and email, now, with automatic transcription ability, data is quickly and easily captured within Salesforce.
  • Call monitoring – The supervisor console will enable real-time monitoring of conversations; supervisors will be able to step in when needed and provide call coaching.
  • Artificial intelligence – Einstein will help agents provide rapid, personalised responses to each customer, including recommendations, suggested Knowledge Articles and next best actions. Agents can expect an overall reduction in call time and time to resolution.

Want to learn more? Check out the Einstein Voice Basics trail on Trailhead.

4 thoughts on “Einstein Voice: What’s Next for the ‘Alexa of Salesforce’

  1. Dear Christine,

    Excellent review of how Einstein Voice can and will transform the way we interact with SFDC. I’m in the US, been reading Salesforce Ben posts for years and wanted to add a couple of points.

    Using voice to add/update/change/modify records will happen it’s inevitable because after all is said and done, Salespeople HATE to do data entry; in fact a lot of core platform users don’;t like it which is why we see so much crappy, incomplete, or inaccurate data in most orgs. I see the use of voice as key solution for this problem. for example:

    Einstein – run my weekly forecast.Report

    Einstein – show me the difference between this week’s forecast and last week’s

    Einstein – Create New Account For XYZ – Create New Contact for Account XYZ

    Einstein – what account is trending this week – sho me updates

    Einstein- show me my team’s top closing deals for this Quarter

    See how these various requests can transform the way. users can access their data. In short, I foresee the platform is essentially becoming invisible to a lot of users, where SFDC becomes a background set of CRM specific processes unencumbered by the user having to type or sit at a keyboard pondering the data or having to type of a lot requests to access key information. Think of the movie Minority Report, the ability to access the information virtually and instantly is the future of CRM and perhaps Salesforce.

    I thought adding this insight might be interesting, you’ve clearly outlined the tactical value of using voice to update/create tasks, but tasks are only a small part of what makes the platform useful. For Sales/Marketing people its gleaning key insights on changes in pipeline or opportunity development where the real KICK in using voice has major potential.


    Jeff Lionz

    1. Hi Jeff!

      Thanks so much for your comment. I completely agree that most users hate doing data entry and good quality clean data is often a barrier to user adoption which then creates a vicious cycle.

      I particularly like the concept of showing the difference between forecasts this week/last week or this quarter/last quarter.

      Let’s see what the future has in store!


  2. Hi Christine,
    I have gone through your blog and want to say just one word ” highly informative”. Voice search is now gaining a huge popularity that even the Einstein’s voice is getting use to interact with salesforce platform .Before reading your blog, i had no information about the usage of Einstein’s voice in Alexa. Einstein’s voice is becoming the next frontier in customer success. Keep posting more informative blogs.

    Looking forware to your next blog.

    Rati Bhanot

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