How Einstein is a giant leap for Salesforce, and why Sales will never be the same again!

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One of the few companies to have survived the ruthless dotcom bubble that swept across organizations in Silicon Valley during the turn of this century left this company unscathed. Salesforce is the name and it today rightly commands nearly 20% of the worldwide CRM market share. If you are looking to make a career in Salesforce then Intellipaat offers the industry-designed Salesforce training. The way things are going for Salesforce it looks like things are only getting warmed at the headquarters of the “World’s Favorite CRM Tool” in San Francisco. A valid case in point is the revolutionary Artificial Intelligence driven Salesforce technology that has been unmistakably named “Einstein”.

So what exactly is Salesforce Einstein?

For the uninitiated, Salesforce Einstein is putting the power at your fingertips; plain and simple. It is a result of many years of ardent research and development at Salesforce and the manifestation of this is just awesome. Einstein Artificial Intelligence technology makes sales smarter, lets you concentrate on other important things in business; say making world-class products and services which is obviously your core competency.


Einstein is a comprehensive Artificial Intelligence under the hood which comes to roaring power once you plug it into your organization’s apparatus.

Check some of the features of Einstein:

Takes your data as it is:

Gone are the days when you had to prepare your data for feeding it into the Salesforce tool to get awesome results. Now it is all about plug and play. You are saved the pain of preparing your data which, as every data analyst knows can be such a horrendous task and time-consuming exercise in equal measure.

Fits your organization like a glove:

You don’t have to worry about Einstein fitting into your organizational apparatus. Since every company is unique and every company has its own way of making things work, Einstein inherently understands how it needs to cope with your organizational setup and it takes the necessary steps to ensure everything runs smoothly.

Ready to make money for you:

The people at Salesforce have taken enough care to ensure that Einstein will start making money for you from day one. Since in today’s hypercompetitive world, time and data are money; all you can say is that Einstein comes as a godsend.

Let’s dig a bit deeper into Einstein

So we have heard that Artificial Intelligence is the new normal. Well, Einstein puts you in the driver’s seat in a world powered by Artificial Intelligence. For all practical reasons your organization will be an AI-first company; that’s not all. You have every conceivable data about your customers at the tip of your fingers regardless of your business vertical or customer segmentation. Now that is the Holy Grail that business owners and sales representatives have been trying to search for a long time and suddenly Einstein seems to have the answer to all your prayers.

Benefit from Einstein in hitherto unheard ways

– Anticipate customer needs before they even are manifested

– Zero in on your next sales opportunity with precision

– Ensure customer service is a proactive approach

– Make marketing personalize customer journeys in unimaginable ways

– Have fabulously intelligent apps for your employees and customers.

So how do I unleash the Power of Einstein and make money?

Like we discussed earlier there is nothing extraordinary that you need to do in order to make Einstein work for your company. You don’t have to go have the IQ of Einstein to make money for your organization (pun unintended). It seamlessly blends into your organization and gives you the power to steer your organization as you see fit. This AI-powered engine of the future is made available through the Salesforce Platform, Analytics Cloud, Sales Cloud, Marketing Cloud, Service Cloud, and Community Cloud.

Currently, a lot of the features of Einstein are available via your mobile devices so that your sales executives have the power of knowledge at their fingertips at all times in order to maneuver your organizational steed through uncharted territory and help you come out triumphant. As for your data, it is super secure thanks to the unquestionable Salesforce guarantee that comes with Einstein as it is based on the flexible and secure Salesforce security architecture.

The only question to ask after that is, when are you going to deploy Salesforce Einstein?

Author Bio:

Sonal Maheshwari has 6 years of corporate experience in various technology platforms such as Big Data, Salesforce etc.

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