Dreamforce Day 1 & 2: Our Highlights

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Dreamforce has kicked off with a bang! Only two days in Lucy, Christine and I feel like we’ve crammed a year worth of learning into such a short space of time.

We’ve seen the Opening Keynote (summary here), Tim Cook took to the stage with Marc Benioff, and a whole host of other special guests. To give you a bit of an insight into the highlights of Dreamforce, I’m happy to give you a peek into the highlights for Lucy, Christine and I.

Dreamforce Day 1 & 2

Ben – Opening Keynote

This year’s opening keynote hosted by Co-CEO’s Marc Benioff & Keith Block was a feature-packed innovation fest.

This is one of the keynotes that has been most memorable for me, showcasing 11+ new features and announcements. At the heart of almost all the features, was Einstein. Proving that AI & Machine intelligence are no longer just buzzwords, but can be implemented to solve so many real life problems. See our summary here.

Lucy – 5 Tips for Writing Salesforce Community Content

Our own Editor, Lucy, took to the stage this morning, to share tips for writing content for the Salesforce Community. Using what we’ve learned running and growing Salesforceben.com, there was something for any budding writer to learn – whether writing as an individual Trailblazer, on behalf of an ISV (AppExchange Partner) or a Consultancy. Tips included target audience, go-to topics, structure, headlines and distribution – all specific to this exceptional ecosystem, fertile for ideas to spread. 

Ps. Look out for the ebook to follow!

Lucy – Pardot Roadmap Session

This Salesforce marketing application is a long-time player, but not without plenty of room for improvement! There’s hearsay that Pardot has a huge amount of product development resource to accelerate Pardot innovation to stay ahead in a crowded Marketing Automation market. Exciting announcements were wrapped into 4 themes: 

  • Lightning: Pardot moving on to the core Salesforce platform – including the new Lightning Email Builder and Sandboxes!
  • Productivity: features modernising clunky marketing processes 
  • Analytics: from inflexible WYSIWYG reporting – great transitions happening  
  • Intelligence: injecting Einstein into Pardot further. 

Ps. keep an eye out for the Pardot Roadmap summary post on The DRIP – coming soon! 

Christine – Sales Keynote

Tiffani Bova, Innovation Evangelist at Salesforce, kicked off the Sales Keynote by announcing “insight selling is the key to sustainable growth”. 

The path to insight selling can be achieved in 3 steps: 

  • Information
  • Insights
  • Action

As Tiffani explained, “there is no shortage of data; it’s how you use it”. The Salesforce Customer 360 platform can help you achieve insight selling by bringing all of your data together. Companies who embrace the intelligence provided by the Salesforce 360 platform will have a significant competitive advantage. 

To support customers on this journey, Salesforce announced they will be making Einstein Opportunity Scoring available to all customers for free. “You get Einstein, you get Einstein, you get Einstein” was met with cheers from the crowd. 

Other announcements included:

Einstein Voice – Capturing real-time insights from anywhere by talking to Salesforce.

Einstein Search – Personalized search results for each user.

Einstein Call Coaching – Optimizing sales team’s customer interactions using conversational intelligence. 

Sustainability Cloud – Salesforce’s new solution to achieve carbon neutrality in accordance with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Christine – Platform Keynote

The key message in the Platform keynote was “Transformation not Translation”. Despite more than 80% of companies embarking on a journey to digital transformation, the majority of these initiatives are failing. 

Salesforce has set out 3 key objectives:

  • Connect Every Customer
  • Empower Every Employee
  • Create a Culture of Innovation 

To achieve these objectives, Salesforce are bringing their products together enabling us to “transform on a modern, unified platform”. 

Key announcements included:

Cloud Information Model – Open-enterprise to enable faster and easier application integrations.

Security Command Centre – Manage security policies and connectivity, see trends, receive proactive alerts and achieve multi-org visibility.

Lightning Sandboxes – A Lightning fast sandbox that can be refreshed on demand and created in minutes.

Private Connect – Ensure your data never crosses the public internet. 

Data Mask – Secure your sandbox data and choose how to encrypt or delete it. 

Christine – Awesome Admin Games Night

On Tuesday, the Admin Meadow played host to Awesome Admin Games Night.

Our very own Salesforce acapella group, Cloudy with a Chance of Beatbox, kicked off proceedings and the music didn’t stop there! Amnon Kruvi then serenaded the audience with “See The People We Know”, a song about the amazing Salesforce Community. 

Chris Duarte hosted an Admin “Tip-Off” contest featuring many familiar faces, from David Giller to Steve Mollis, with some great tips including how to supercharge your list views and test your formulas using validation rules.

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