Dreamforce 2017: The 3 Flagship Customer Keynote Demos

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The keynote demos are guaranteed to make eyes widen, never failing to provide a peek into the ultimate platform vision that Salesforce crafts for us. Salesforce have built an extremely impressive clientele, and are spoilt for choice when selecting showcase customers. Following this year’s ‘Trailblazer’ empowered customer theme, the 3 customers selected are true ‘Technology disruptors’ and ‘Global shapers’ in their respective industries.

It’s impressive how much Salesforce could show in these punchy demos, covering a multitude of Salesforce platform products and features – truly supercharged by Salesforce Technology. I’ve written up exactly what was shown, and how the features are becoming closer to truly complement each other in user journeys.

The 3 brands that featured were:

  • T-Mobile
  • Adidas
  • 21st Century Fox






Industry: Telecommunications

User story: Sales

Featured products:

  • myTrailhead (Playbooks/Trailmixes)
  • Einstein Forecasting (?? lead scoring??)
  • Smart fields
  • Dynamic Layouts
  • myLightning
  • mySalesforce

T-Mobile is a telecom enterprise “redefining the way consumers and businesses buy wireless services through leading product and service innovation’ (T-Mobile). Their objective to sell effectively and at speed means they are looking to empower their sales teams with productivity-boosting apps that maintain the brand’s look & feel, and deliver the training that enables successful app usage – at scale.

The demo starts out in a Trailhead account – only it’s not the Trailhead that we have grown to love – even better, it’s Trailhead fully customised to train T-Mobile’s sales reps on their own specific processes. Here, we can see modules such as ‘T-Mobile Sales Play’, a great way of delivering a smooth on-boarding and standardised training, adjusted to how their org has been built out.




Jumping into the CRM home page, sales reps get a fantastic overview of opportunity performance – gone predictive. This is supported by the new Einstein Forecasting Lightning Component, which serves up actionable insight such as: ‘Take a look at at-risk opportunities to help get your prediction back on track!’ to complement the graph.







In setup, we are shown how to create custom fields, injected with AI. Using ‘Attrition Risk’ as an example, users can see the extent that accounts match the typical attrition criteria. Also, dynamic page layouts are available, a sought-after, requested feature for some time cue audience cheering!

Under ‘Themes & Branding’, we got a peek at myLightning under the hood. Within a few clicks, the org’s brand image, brand colour, header image & others are instantly applied to all pages – with no need for HTML or CSS!

The sales reps can download the T-Mobile Sales App (iOS or Android). This is mySalesforce in play, Salesforce1 with a branded skin over the top now brand your mobile Salesforce. The pride for their distinct pink brand shines through – and who knows, this could increase adoption and employee engagement!


Industry: Retail

User story: Commerce/Marketing/Service

Featured products:

  • Commerce Cloud
  • Salesforce DMP (Data Management Platform)
  • Advertising Studio (Marketing Cloud)
  • myEinstein (chatbot)
  • Service Cloud

Adidas have been on a mission “to be the best sports brand in the world”. Innovation is woven into the narrative of their trademark labelled “The Badge of Sport” – “the sharp end of our spear, seen on innovative products, as well as with the world’s best athletes, teams and events” (Adidas). This mentality drove them to bolster their e-commerce operations with a best-of-breedplatform: Salesforce Commerce Cloud. The Adidas dot com store is by far their largest retail presence, and their e-commerce revenue stream has grown 66% YOY (year-on-year) since implementing this stack. Thinking about the scale of their operations on the Salesforce Platform is mind-blowing – they sell 1.2 million pairs of shoes a day, a significant proportion personalised. Adidas’ CEO, Kasper Rørsted, joked with Benioff: “I can pay you in shoes instead if you like”, after Benioff showed off his custom Dreamforce kicks.

The demo is played out on a mobile device, and follows the story of a girl browsing for and ordering trainers on the online store, powered by Commerce Cloud. She clicks on a pair that catches her eye, but receives a text message that causes her to exit the site.

Millennials are one of Adidas’ key audiences, but know full well they are a distraction-prone demographic, which is why they utilise Salesforce DMP* to track and decipher online behaviours. Following her abandonment, she visited a webpage for a concert, and the DMP makes an assumption that she is into music. The DMP picks up the behaviour, and Advertising Studio (part of Marketing Cloud) means the adverts are placed in the right place at the right time for maximum impact. Adidas have won her back to the site, and she places an order, therefore converting into a customer.

However, she wants to make a change to the order, and chooses to contact customer service via in-app chat. The chatbot (named ‘ADIBOT’) is one functionality that brands can add to their apps with myEinstein – all about making AI-powered their own, as the name suggests. The chatbot is able to handle a change in colour and shipping address, pulling available options from the product and contact record.

21st Century Fox

Industry: Entertainment

User story: Sales/Marketing

Featured products:

  • Sales Cloud
  • myLightning
  • Einstein Forecasting (Opportunities)
  • Finance System Integration
  • Live Apps/Living Documents (Quip)
  • Social Studio
  • Marketing Cloud (Journey Builder smart splits)


21st Century Fox are in motion, part of the ongoing movement from broadcasting to intelligence. Strengthening their exhibitor (cinema) relationships is always a top priority, but they have ambitions to reach and connect with their end consumers (movie-goers) – all 600 million of them! It’s a lot of data, but 21st Century Fox are committed to connecting to their customers. This demo runs through how the classic CRM has been bent to fit their business model, and how it supports project management – claiming a 37% faster project completion.

We kick off in the Global Theatre System – known internally as ‘GTS’, which gives it a certain edge, don’t you think? It’s actually the Salesforce Home page covered with myLightning, and showing custom tabs to make it really tailored to their company operations. One area of the CRM is ‘Title Management’, which gives a comprehensive overview of movie performance forecasting, including a predictive heat-map of movie grossing ie. where it will perform best geographically. Note that this is pulling in 3rd party data sources too!

We are taken through a user releasing Deadpool 2, including Budget Planning Einstein Forecasting giving a score and a ‘Why this score?’ description – a new and improved opportunities related list.

Project planning continues in a Living Document inside the Quip application. How many emails does it take to discuss the release schedule? Zero. The calendar view is clear, and changes can be made in a drag-and-drop way. Living Documents extend collaboration to video format now, giving the ability to make comments tied to a certain point in the video. Chatter in Quip isn’t new – but what is, is pulling in other Salesforce products, for example @mentioning Social Studio to kickstart a social posting workflow. So simple, so rapid.

Moving attention to the B2C engagement. 21st Century Fox engage their end consumers – the moviegoers – with Marketing Cloud. We can see the sheer volumes of sends and data point that Marketing Cloud can handle; now, it’s about to raise the bar again, supercharged with new intelligence capabilities, such as the Predictive Audience Engagement component (highlighted below) showing which populations (segments) are predicted to engage with that particular campaign. This smart segmentation gets tremendously smarter when used in a Smart Split activity in the Journey Builder – called a ‘Einstein Persona Split’ because it is sending subscribers down different paths according to the segment they have been matched on.

The keynote demos were topped off with a confetti drop – these customer stories are certainly achievements to celebrate!


I really loved seeing how these demos were put together to show off a multitude of products. With the platform catalogue ever-expanding, it’s important that Salesforce show the cohesiveness of their tools and features empowering one another.

Stay tuned for more Dreamforce updates, coming soon once the chaos dies down!