DevOps Force 2021 – Free Salesforce DevOps Event

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The world of DevOps is becoming increasingly important as the Salesforce suite of products develops.

Back when I started my Salesforce career in 2012, life was a lot simpler. The only Salesforce products were Sales & Service cloud, Apex & Visualforce were the only development languages, and change sets were adequate in helping us deploy across multiple environments.

Fast forward to today and the world of Salesforce has dramatically changed. While Sales & Service Cloud remain as the core CRM platform, the number of products, and technologies that have been built on top of the platform is massive. Think Field Service Lightning, CPQ, Billing, Lightning Web Components, Tableau CRM, Communities, to just name a few…

This means Salesforce environments are getting more complex, there are more people developing and managing the Org’s, and most importantly, companies rely on Salesforce more than ever for business-critical operations. This is why Salesforce DevOps is so important.

DevOps Force 2021

DevOps Force 2021 on the 13th Jan 2021 is the first major DevOps event this year. Hosted by CodeScan & DemandBlue, this half day event has talks from some of the ecosystems DevOps heavyweights such as Copado, OwnBackup & Salesforce themselves.

Key Topics

  • How to achieve DevOps optimization through code standardization and best practices
  • Why backup and recovery play a key role in Salesforce DevOps
  • How to reimagine software development through Salesforce DevOps
  • Application lifecycle management
  • CI/CD in an on-demand world

Sign Up

DevOps Force 2021 is completely free, and will be hosted by yours truly, so I would love to see you there! Sign up details can be found on this link.

3 thoughts on “DevOps Force 2021 – Free Salesforce DevOps Event

  1. Hi Ben, unfortunately I only just found out about this event. Is there anyway to access the videos afterwards since I’m keen to hear the content. Thanks πŸ™‚

    1. Hey Nick,

      Shame, it was a great event! Presentations and the stream will be shared afterwards. If you reach out to Code.Scan or DemandBlue on twitter, they should be able to help you.

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