Cutting through App Fatigue – 4 Questions to Find the Right Salesforce App

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Sooner or later, every Admin needs to mine the Salesforce AppExchange to craft a customized org that maximizes efficiency and is a true fit for users’ requirements. The right apps can improve productivity and cut down on manual administrative tasks for both you and your users, allowing you to spend valuable time on other tasks. But with more than 3,000 apps on the AppExchange, finding the right app can feel like finding a needle in a haystack.

In addition to figuring out if the app has the features and capabilities you need, here are four questions to ask when choosing which apps to implement.


#1  Is it Enterprise grade?

You have to consider not only whether the app will do the job you need done, but whether it’s going to be secure and reliable enough that it doesn’t put your data and day-to-day operations at risk. All apps on the Salesforce AppExchange must first go through a security review by Salesforce, but you’ll want to confirm that any app also conforms to all Salesforce security rules and has robust redundancy built in. Scalability is also important as your company grows to ensure the solution you build today will continue to work as you add more data or more users. For example, Conga ActionGrid has excellent scalable capacity with the ability to update up to 50 million records at once, and provides a lot of concise and informative support materials on its website to facilitate integration.

#2 Is it robust enough to handle your organization’s growing requirements?

You need a solution for right now to speed things up, automate some of the processes your users are doing manually, and give yourself some breathing room. But you also need something that can grow with your company and adapt to solve more complex problems. The last thing you want is to implement an app and then find out in a few months that it can’t handle new requirements. Conga Composer is an example of an app that can grow with your business; you can start with a simple invoice solution and later tackle a complex account plan PowerPoint using images and conditional content.

#3 How easily can you integrate the app with Salesforce and other apps?

If the apps you choose don’t integrate well into your org or interface with the other apps you’ve adopted, they aren’t going to save you time or reduce friction for your users. ActionGrid and Conga Composer not only interface seamlessly with Salesforce and each other, they also integrate easily with best of breed Salesforce apps, like FinancialForce, DocuSign, MapAnything and TaskRay.

#4 Does the app have multiple use cases for your Salesforce org?

There are a lot of apps on the AppExchange that only address one specific problem. Think apps like DataLoader; its only function is to get data in and out of Salesforce. It’s a great tool, if that’s the only functionality you need.  But most Admin’s have limited time and budget, so it makes sense to look for solutions that can solve more than one problem. These will make more effective use of your time and get you more bang bang for your buck. Multi-use tools, such as Conga ActionGrid and Conga Composer, not only make your users’ lives easier, but as an admin you’ll only have to learn to use one or two high powered apps to accomplish multiple tasks.

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