Please note the Developer certification is now retired. The updated Platform App Builder exam is available by signing up to Salesforce Ben Members


The Certified Developer exam is intended for an individual who has experience performing as a Salesforce Administrator/Developer. This Quiz is designed to give you an idea of what to expect in the actual exam. The questions contained in this quiz are short and snappy as opposed to the official exam where you can expect answers to be in a scenario possibly with relevant images. If you read the scenario carefully though, you should find a simple question embedded.

  • 60 Multiple Choice Questions, if a checkbox is present, more than one answer is required
  • There is a 90 minute time limit on this Quiz
  • 68% is the official passing score

Click start below to begin! When a checkbox is displayed, more than 1 answer is required.

131 thoughts on “Certified Developer Mock Exam

  1. Hi Ben, wanted to say thanks for both the ADM 201 and DEV 401 mock exams. I’ve been working with SFDC for 6 years and earlier this month passed my ADM 201 and I’ll be hitting up the DEV 401 in about a week. Your mock exams have helped me to identify areas of study and give me confidence to walk in there and pass the tests. Thanks for your work on this, myself and others really appreciate it!

    1. Hi Matthew, no problem at all! That’s exactly why I created them, for you to understand whether you know a particular area or not. Mock tests shouldn’t be used as a sole study guide but I think are very complimentary with revision.

  2. Ruud Salym Erie


    Per the Summer ’14 release notes: The limit has been raised from three to seven for external IDs on custom objects.

  3. I had all questions correct [no red marks at all, double checked] and it gave me back 97% lol. probably when you change id from 3 to 7, you forgot to update the formula that calculates final score. GOOD job and thanks! It’s a nice exam to point you to the right study and material before taking the exam. Wish me luck … next 2 weeks I am diving into 401.

    58 of 60 questions answered correctly

    Your time: 00:09:56

    You have reached 58 of 60 points, (96.67%)

    1. Hi Rachel,

      Could you please let me know the full question? The exam is randomised so the questions change places every time. I’ll try to help best I can when I can see the full question.



      1. The question was which feature sets the baseline level of access to an object. The correct answer was Organization-Wide Default, but I thought without proper CRED settings at the Profile level, a user wouldn’t even see the object even if the OWD was set to Public Read/Write.

        1. Hi Rachel,

          This is a bit of a tricky one that took me a while to get my head around. Although you will need profile CRED on an object to access it, the OWD actually sets the bottom level of access. If you want to restrict an objects access you don’t do it on the profile CRED as this means that if you would like to grant a user access later on, they cannot access it. You set the OWD to Private, this then allows you to grant access granularly as you go on. That’s why whenever you hear about the “base” level of sharing for an object, it is always referring to the OWD.

          “Your base Salesforce permissions begin with the Org-Wide Defaults” –

          Hope this helps,


          1. Hey Ben, you are incorrect. And Rachel is correct. the link you pasted doesn’t go anywhere.

            Please update the quiz because it is misleading

          2. But then you have a typo in your question. You quoted: “Organization-wide sharing defaults set the baseline access for your records. ”, but your question asks for access on objects, not records for which it would be a correct answer.

  4. Hey Ben,

    I wanted to thank you for the mock exam you put here, I did the exam yesterday and thank God I passed!! Many questions are very similar to this mock exam, just a bit different and twisted around which made it quite hard as I recognized the question and assumed I knew the answer. Reading the questions a few times you realize they are same same but different so can trick you very easily.

    This mock exam is most certainly the best around on the internet as many others have contradicting answers and a lot of the times are wrong.

    I recommend everyone to do this one and when you hit the high 90% you are pretty much set for the real exam but make sure you know everything very well and be able to explain each item for what and why you would use it. Because the exam will require this pretty much of you….(correct me if im wrong)

    Once again thank you for puttnig this exam here and keep up the great work with this blog!!

    1. Hi Vincent,

      Congratulations on passing! I really appreciate you taking the time out of your day to write that message and I’m really glad that this exam helped you so much. Although Mock Exams are not the only thing that can get you through certifications I have used them a lot to help test my knowledge. The reason I created this is because I completely agree with you on some of them around are out of date and inconsistent. I will continue to keep these updated and hopefully provide new ones for other certifications.



  5. Hi Ben,

    In 3 weeks I’ll be doing my Adm 201 exam… thanks for putting all the material on the site.. will get into it and let you know the results…
    If you have any tips/ tricks or what not… please let me know!!

    Thanks once again and keep up the good work!!!

    1. Hey Vincent, thanks, I’m really glad its helping you. My tips are actually pretty simple, use the study guide as your checklist, revise each section, implement each feature and try and get some real world experience. Tests like mine are good to reinforce your knowledge. Good luck!

  6. Hey Ben,

    thanks for this resource. I am going to run through trailhead, the suggest online courses, and flashcards before taking this exam. However My question is what tool did you use to give this test and is it mobile friendly, i am very interested in using it in a project that i may be doing for another clients of mine.

  7. Thank you Ben.

    I have a question.

    In the question “How can you make a field mandatory?” one answer seems to be “Check the required field box on the page layout.”. Are you sure about this? Making a field mandatory in a page layout does not make it mandatory in all the insert/update scenarios.

    1. Hi Egidio,

      Thanks for your comment. Although the required field on the page layout only affects if the page is edited via the edit page, it is still regarded as a way to make a field required.

  8. Luiz Rafael S. Marcondes


    Hi Ben!
    Many thanks for share those mock ups with us.
    Recentely as you know, Salesforce changed their certifications. I don’t have any certification and I’ve been studying for “Developer certification”, however the test that I have to apply now is the “App Builder”.
    The new Developer Certification now is called, “Platform Developer I”.

    Do you know any mock up about this new certification? They included questions about Lightning, do you know how they are treating it on test?

    1. Hi Luiz,

      It’s my pleasure! Unfortunately I don’t know any sites which have any quizzes on this yet. I am planning to put one out once I have completed this certification myself.

  9. A great one thankyou sir. In a week i will be doing my dev 401 exam. But i would like to know if there is any change in the question pattern for the exam that am gonna take as the winter 16 release has come. It would be very helpful if you can help me out.

    1. Hi Vinu, usually there are not any major changes to the certification exam with each release. It’s always worth checking the study guide and also knowing about the new features, but you should be fine.

      1. Hi Ben i am planing to do appbuilder certification .But i don’t have dev 401 certification.How to pass the exam.If this Questions and new release concepts are enough.

  10. Hi Ben,

    I did one attempt of Salesforce Developer release exam on Winter 16 but failed. If I share the questions, will you be able to give your answers so that I can compare where I went wrong?


    1. I m planning to give developer 1 certification in a few days, but have no idea about the pattern. Can anybody help me please???

  11. Hi Ben,
    I took your Certified developer mock up exam and I did pretty good. I have been preparing to take DEV 401 but that certification no more available. Do you think my preparation for DEV 401 is enough to pass Saleforce Platform Developer I ? do you have any sample ?
    Thank you for putting this together. it is very helpful. It gave me an area when I need to brush up a little and dig deep on some spots.

    Thanks again. Happy holidays.

  12. Hi Ben,

    Your mock exam is very good. Got to know what to expect and what not to in the actual certification exam. I was planning to take DEV 401 but it is no longer available. As the other member posted, is the preparation for DEV 401 sufficient to give Platform Developer 1? Thanks!

    1. Hi Chandra, thanks I’m glad it helped you. I’m afraid the new Developer I exam is very different from the old Dev401 it is more similar to the old Advanced Developer which contains apex and visualforce elements. However, the new App Builder exam has been brought in to replace the old Dev401 and this exam will help you through some elements of it. However, aspects like Lightning and Process Builder are not included in this exam which are in the new App Builder, this is something I will be working on creating this year. Hope this helps!


  13. I haven’t studied for the Force.Com Developer exam and I’ve never done the developer course but I do have a few years of experience administering & developing in Salesforce. I got 85% first go in your Mock Exam of 60 questions.
    Is it realistic I could just sit the test and pass and should I still study/practice?

    Thank you

    1. Hey Matthew, well done! Very possibly, its probably good to review the study guide just to make sure you are familiar with all the test areas. However please be aware that the Developer certification has been retired now and the Platform Builder certification has taken over. This is very similar to the old Developer exam but with some new elements in. Thanks, Ben

  14. Hi Ben,
    Thanks for all your efforts in preparing these mock tests,
    Do you have any plan to put together material or mock questions for new Developer 1 exam ?
    tried all over the internet but did not find any info related to that new exam,

    Thank you,

  15. ‘Which functionality is NOT available on a custom object?’ Answer: Workflows
    Is it me or Workflows ARE available for custom objects? May be they were not before?

    1. Hi Paul, you are definitely right that workflows are available for custom objects. Are you sure the exam gave out this as a correct answer? I will check it later on when I get the chance.

      1. Hi, you don’t have to check the answer is not Workflows but Assignment Rules.
        Which functionality is NOT available on a custom object?
        1. Assignment Rules
        2. Workflows
        3. Validation Rules
        4. Record Types

  16. Hi Ben,

    I have given this mock exam and want to say the questions are very well design.
    I am looking for Platform Dev 1 Cerification Mock exam. can you please give me your link for that.

  17. Hello Ben,
    How many questions are there in this exam. Should I repeat this exam so that there will be different questions other time.
    I am preparing for Platform Dev 1 Cerification, are these question similar as what they are asked in new exam.

    Best Regards,

  18. Question 54 “The organization IDs of your sandboxes remain same each time your sandbox is refreshed”.
    I responded False and was marked incorrect.
    Per the Salesforce Community Success Community: “Sandbox and production organizations always have unique organization IDs. The sandbox copy engine creates an organization as part of each creation and refresh request. So, the organization ID of your sandbox changes each time your sandbox is refreshed. Salesforce inserts the new value in any place the organization ID is used, such as text values and metadata.”

    1. Hi Jeff,

      Thanks for your comment. I agree with your statement and I have checked the quiz and “False” is marked as the correct answer. I can only put this down to an anomaly!

  19. hi Ben,

    Thanks for the prep material. I just cleared my Platform App Builder exam. Though the questions were different, it gave me a good platform to cover weak areas. A good number of questions were around worflow/approval/process builder.

  20. Hi Ben,

    Is Platform Developer 1 Mock exam around the corner? Or should i just try out this quiz.

    Please advise, looking forward to Platform Developer 1 exam.

    Rupesh Bhatia

  21. Hi Ben,

    The following question is incorrect:

    Which of the following statements are true about Record ID’s?

    The results are mixed up, so that it says the correct answer is “15 char id’s are case insensitive, and 18 char id’s are case sensitive”


  22. WARNING This mock quiz sucks. It’s NOTHING Like the certification exam. I DO NOT reccommend it.

    Some of the questions are just PLAIN WRONG or OUT OF DATE.

    1. Thanks for your constructive criticism, Mikey. I wondered if you had noticed the red sentence at the top of the page which does in fact say, this exam is now retired.


      1. Good one! Thanks Ben did a great job at least little hands on for me, good starting point for me before actually hitting practice.

  23. Q35 . Option 2 : When the parent record is deleted, all child records will be deleted

    All child will be not deleted only those associated with master object.

  24. can you please Post link here for ADM 450 practice exam? what is difference between app builder exam and Salesforce platform developer 1 exam.

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  26. Hi Ben. I am currently studying for the DEV402 exam and could really do with some more sample questions ike these as they have been excellent for identifying study areas.
    [email protected].

    Would be very much appreciated.

    Thanking you,

  27. Hello Ben,
    I’m going to write the Salesforce Platform Developer 1 exam. Could you send me some practice questions ?

    Much appreciated

  28. Hi Ben,

    I’m going to take the Salesforce Platform Developer 1 exam in April 2019. Could you send me some practice questions and any help material at [email protected]

    Thanks & Regards,
    Alok Narayan

  29. Which of the following cannot be done via a Workflow? > Create an Outbound Message
    Workflow Rule Limitations
    You can’t package workflow rules with time triggers.
    You can’t create outbound messages for workflow rules on junction objects.

  30. Hello Ben,

    Can you please share some practice papers of the latest release ‘Summer 2019’
    Thanks in advance!

  31. Is this correct?

    Which feature sets the base level of access to an object?

    1. Public Groups
    2. Organizational Wide Defaults
    3. Roles
    4. Profiles

    I would have thought this was profiles because the question says “access to an object”.

    According to the answers, the answer is OWD’s…. but that sets base access to records, not an object.

    Am I wrong? Could question be clearer?

  32. Hello Ben,

    Please update the question set for PD 1 exam.

    Maximum questions are related to Administration.

    Thank you

  33. Hello Ben,
    I’m going to take the Salesforce Platform Developer 1 exam soon. Could you please send me some practice questions?
    Thank you. Karel

  34. Hello Ben, I am prepared for my platform developer 1 exam, but wanted to practice few questions. Can you send me those? Thank you in advance.

    1. Hi Aks, we don’t have PD 1 mock exam questions yet, but stay tuned for some launching in the next few months.
      Hope that it won’t be too late for you to tale your exam!

      1. It has been 3 months since your last post and wondering if you have an ETA for the PD1 mock exams.. Thanks in advance..

  35. 47 of 60 questions answered correctly

    Your time: 00:19:10

    You have reached 47 of 60 points, (78.33%)

    On fire 🙂

  36. Hi Ben,

    I’m going to take the Salesforce Platform Developer 1 exam in May 2021. Are you still sending practice questions?

    Thank you!

  37. Hi, I am also looking for sample questions to prepare for Platform Developer 1 Certification. I would appreciate if someone has any question set.
    Thank you SG

  38. Which feature sets the base level of access to an object?
    Ans: Profile(Basic access is given by profile )
    OWD is used to lock the different access levels like Public R/W, Public R/O, private, controlled by parents, etc.
    Basically, the Role hierarchy is responsible for assigning visibility of records and if grant access using the hierarchy is checked then immediate parent roles are view all-access, and records are visible to the admin.

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