Certified Administrator

The Salesforce.com Certified Administrator exam is intended for an individual who has experience performing as a Salesforce Administrator. This Quiz is designed to give you an idea of what to expect in the actual exam. The questions contained in this quiz are short and snappy as opposed to the official exam where you can expect answers to be in a scenario possibly with relevant images. If you read the scenario carefully though, you should find a simple question embedded.

  • 60 Multiple Choice Questions, if a checkbox is present, more than one answer is required
  • There is a 90-minute time limit on this Quiz
  • 65% is the official passing score

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356 thoughts on “Certified Administrator Mock Exam

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        Wow what type of questions did you fail on? I have done the mock exams, and there are so many questions not even related to the trailhead scenarios….This is crazy man ansd very unfair! :p

      2. Avatar

        You failed on what part of the mock exam? I passed i, but to be honest the mock exams have lots of questions that I did not expereince in th trailhead trailblazer training scenarios. Salesforce are tricky exams.

      3. Avatar

        The only tips are to keep using the system over and over again, read thoroughly, revise and study hard. You need to know the Salesforce CRM platform inside out. good luck next time!

        1. Avatar

          Can you share how you study for it? Trailhead is more useful than mock quiz? How about the practice test ? is it more similar than real test?

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        Christine Marshall


        ADM 201 is the certification course offered by Salesforce to help prepare you for the Salesforce Certified Administrator exam.

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    I passed. If I get the courage to take the actual exam I hope I do it as well or even better as I did on this one 🙂

      1. Avatar

        Hi! I’m taking the salesforce training class in Sept any suggestions? Im very nervous. I’m trying to collect as much information as possible beforehand.


    1. ben@ben-mccarthy.com

      Hi Iain, me too! Just to make sure I still know what I’m talking about. This is actually a mistake on my part so will make sure I change that right away, you can bump your score up 1 point too!

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        Hi Ben,

        Thanks for the great quiz. I am very new to SF and have scheduled an examination early next week with a preparation of 2 weeks. I passed this exam without even a single guess :). Hope i pass that you. Will keep you posted :)It would be great if you can change the answer for ““Formulas ignore Field Level Security settings”question.


        1. Avatar

          Hi Anuj,
          What did you use to prepare for those 2 weeks? Were there any specific training sites? I’m looking to take my exam soon…

        2. Avatar

          Hi Anuj,

          Any preparation information would be great. I hope to take my test in the next 2 weeks. Thank you in advanced. Please send to [email protected] if you don’t mind sharing. Thanks again! Missy

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    Maybe it’s slightly different word, but it seemed like I had the same question in 3 instances.

    Thanks anyway! Passed with the skin of my teeth.

    You can email me the certificate. 🙂

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    Hi Ben,

    Not sure if I’m reading this correctly, but the following quiz answer is marked as False:
    ‘Field Level Security or Page Layout can be used to make a field required’.

    While this other quiz answer is marked as True:
    ‘You can make fields visible, read-only, and required using Page Layouts.’

    There is a contradiction here; the first answer implies Page Layouts can’t be used to make fields required, and the second answer implies that it can. Please tell me what you think!

    1. ben@ben-mccarthy.com

      Hi Cal,

      The first is a bit of a trick question, but you can expect these on the real test. It states that FLS or Page Layouts can be used, but only Page Layouts can be used. You can only make a field visible or read only using FLS but not required.

      Hope this helps!

      1. Avatar

        Ahhh that was my overthinking 🙂 For whatever reason I always equate the “Always Require a Value to save a record” setting in the setup of the field itself as FLS….as a dev, I don’t admin much and tend to generalize and overthink. Exactly why I’ve always feared the admin exam.

      2. Avatar

        Mohammed Hussain


        Hi Ben,
        Since it has an OR condition so if either of the two (FLS or page layout) is true, it should hold true. Can you please clarify?


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    Hi Ben,

    Thanks a lot for these questions and answers.
    Very Helpful!
    Just a question, are these questions that you created yourself or are they questions that have come from previous certification exams?

    Thank you for your reply in adv.


    1. Ben McCarthy

      Thanks for your kind words Haydar.

      These are questions myself and others have created. It is against Salesforce’ terms and conditions to publish questions from the actual exam. This means that you can get your Certifications taken away for doing so.

      Hope this helps you out,


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        Thanks for the quick reply Ben.
        Infact I will be taking the certification exam for ADM 201 in 3 weeks.
        I got 90% on your quiz. Hopefully i am on the right track.
        Thanks again.

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    Hi Ben
    I worked previously on Salesforce administration in my prev company. Now I don’t. But I like to get certified in Salesforce. Do you recommend that I download walk through on my laptop and practice with it so that I can still stay in touch and learn more. Also taking your quiz when its time to get certified. Do you think this will work for newbies.

  6. Avatar

    Rena Bennett-Dellwo



    Great test! I was able to identify some areas that I need to go back and review. I would’ve done better by at least one answer if I could’ve gone back to change an answer like we can on the real test.

    A note: I don’t know if you randomize your questions, but in my version of the test, #60 seems to be a very near duplicate of #50 (or were you trying to trick us by implying that there’s a difference between the user and the manager?). #60 definitely has duplicate answers of “Matrix”.

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    I did very well on the mock exam. I took the Admin test today and did not pass. The material for the questions were different.

    1. Ben McCarthy

      Hi Barry,

      Sorry to hear you didn’t do so well. You can always get an up-to-date material breakdown in the Salesforce Study Guide. Personally I find the mock exams helpful to reinforce your learning and find out where you have gaps in your knowledge. They should not be substituted for revision though. Let me know how you get on.

      1. Avatar

        I took the exam twice over the weekend and failed both times. They give section level feedback but it’s hard to know exactly what I need to work in without having the questions I got wrong to specifically review and research.

        I’ve been getting 90%+ on the practice exams on various salesforce MVP sites and Simplilearn practice exams. I’ve also been having a blast going through Trailhead and have been doing super well in procuring badges.

        Any advice? Additional resources for practicing?

        1. Avatar

          The questions and the relative answers are the same of the various salesforce MVP sites and Simplilearn practice exams?

    2. Avatar

      Hi Barry, Can you share some questions in ADMIN EXAM. I am also givng exam on 23rd June. I will be very grateful to you

      Ankur Mehta

    1. Ben McCarthy

      Hi Jamie,

      I may be mistaken but when I ran through this a few times as a test, the answers are displayed at the very end, each individual question so you can see which ones you got wrong/right and what the correct answer was. If you try running through it again I’m confident that it will show you. Ben

      1. Avatar

        Yeah – well done for spotting the trick question Ben! 😉 I noticed it after I sent the note!

        Ding Ding…..round 2

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    Hi – I think the answers for these are wrong in your test?

    21. Question
    What type of report cannot be used to run a dashboard report?
    1. Matrix
    2. Tabular
    3. Summary

    The answer in the quiz is tabular – but although very limited, you can use a Tabular report to create a basic Table in a Dashboard. In the report you need to specify a row limit, then within the report choose which 2 fields to add to the Dash Table.

    22. Question
    Quotes & Opportunities are part of which cloud product?
    1. Service Cloud
    2. Sales Cloud
    3. Analytics Cloud
    4. Marketing Cloud

    The answer on the quiz is Sales Cloud. But infact Service Cloud includes everything in Sales Cloud – with some additional extras. So for me the answer is either Sales or Service 🙂

    Hope my comments help?

    1. Ben McCarthy

      Hi Jamie,

      Thanks for this, I have amended the dashboard report question as I agree with you and have reworded it slightly. On the 2nd question however Opportunities & Quotes may be included with the Service Cloud license, but they are actually part of the Sales Cloud product.

      Thank you again!


      1. Avatar

        Ah ok good point on the Sales Cloud – Product vs License!!

        This is the kind of thing which will catch me out so good question in that case! 🙂

      2. Avatar

        Hi Ben,
        So what is correct answer for this question. Answer list still shows Tabular to me …which is not true Right?

        What type of report cannot be used to populate a chart in a dashboard?

        1. Matrix
        2. Summary
        3. Tabular

  9. Avatar

    Hi Ben,

    How similar is the actual ADM 201 exam to this mock exam. I have done quite well in this mock exam so am hoping the exam is of similar format.

    1. Ben McCarthy

      Hi Mudasar,

      The mock exam questions are a lot shorter. This exam can probably take you 20-30 minutes but the real exam will take an hour plus. The main reason is that the questions will be scenario based. This mock exam is designed to test your knowledge and if you have any gaps. If you scored well in this test and have a good background of practical Salesforce experience plus revision, you should do great! Good luck.

      1. Avatar

        Thanks Ben, I took the exam last week and am pleased to say I passed. The material on your website helped me massively so wanted to say thank you.

  10. Avatar

    Hi Ben

    I have passed the above quiz with 90% but not much confident to clear the actual Exam. Could you Please help me out through some points so that it will become Easy to Pass the Actual Exam.

    I want to tell you that I am a DEV 401 certified, but from the ADM 201, I don’t know the level of Questions that comes in the Actual Exam. Is the level or standard of questions are just same like the above quiz ?

    please send me some of the more questions for Practice.

    Your site bacically motivates me to jump further in Cloud.

    Ben, Thank you for this that you have done .

    1. Ben McCarthy

      Hi Suraj,

      Thank you for your kind words.

      The questions in my exams/quizzes should be used as a supplement to studying the features and also testing them out in Salesforce. The questions in the actual exam are longer and are scenario based, while mine are short and snappy designed to test your knowledge. If you are getting above 90% and have fully studied and tested the features in Salesforce, I would say you are in a very good position to pass.

      Good luck!


  11. Avatar

    Thanks Ben for the practice exam. I scored a 75 percent on the exam and I am planning on taking the real thing next month. Would you say that the topics in the exam are pretty similar to the topics in your practice quiz. Like most people here I am kinda nervous about the exam. I have been an admin for about 3 years now and have been studying for a while. I just hate not knowing what the questions will look like on the exam. Thanks again.

    1. Ben McCarthy

      Hi Edward,

      Not a problem. It looks like you are in an extremely good position to pass with 3 years experience behind you. The questions in the real exam contain the same kind of content but are presented in a scenario based way and therefore seem more complicated. The main thing to remember is that with 3 years of experience and a good amount of revision you have all the knowledge in your head to easily pass. If you read the questions carefully and make use the of the entire 90 minutes or so I’m sure you will surprise yourself! Good luck with it!

  12. Avatar

    Hi Ben,

    I passed my ADM 201 exam today, just want to say thanks for your mock questions, it definitely helped.


    Jun Liu

    1. Avatar

      Swagatika Subhadarshinee


      Hi Jun Liu,

      Congratulation !! I am planning to give my Admin 201 exam next week, I am totally new to Sales Force environment. Please send me materials for salesforce ADM 201 exam @[email protected] and advice me as well how to prepare.

      Hi Ben,

      Thank you for providing this test and now i feel pretty confident. I am totally new to Sales Force environment. Please send me materials for salesforce ADM 201 exam @[email protected] and advice me as well how to prepare.

  13. Avatar

    von clark mcclendon


    Hi Ben,

    I took your quiz today and FINALLY I was able to see my weak areas. I barely passed it, but this quiz really helped guide me to focus on the missed questions. I will continue to to study more as I take my ADM201 next Tuesday.

    I will be back to take the DEV401 once I’ve worked in the app a bit more.



  14. Avatar

    Hi Ben! Great test! I have my test tomorrow and am feeling pretty confident after using various resources and taking your test. One thing I wanted to point out. It showed that I got a 50 out of 60. When I reviewed the answers, I noticed that only 6 of the 10 were visually marked as wrong (in red). After scrolling through each one, I noticed that the multi select questions were not visually marking anything red.

    1. If you checked a box, and it was wrong, it will show red. However:
    2. If you did NOT check a box, and it should’ve been, it will just show green (visually deceptive, as green is used on other questions to show you got it correct).

    Just wanted to let you know, as I feel it could be confusing.

    Thanks again!!

    1. Ben McCarthy

      Hi Peter,

      Thanks for the feedback. I’m not too sure what you mean though? It seems as if the question and the documentation match. Standard picklist fields cannot be dependant but can be controlling.

  15. Avatar

    Hello Ben,
    This is a great practice exam, thank you for sharing!! More so, thanks for sharing the wrong answers on this platform. This is beneficial to study the areas of weakness further. After taking the SU15 exam last week, and not passing, I can tell you that many of questions and their format are not on this mock exam. I found your mock exam to be very straightforward an easy, the exam they provided was very tricky and misleading IMO.
    Anyway, thanks for sharing… I’ll be on here every day until I pass perfectly.


  16. Avatar

    Great resource. Thanks. I’d say the real exam is harder and certainly covers some areas that these questions don’t, but it was still very good practice. I’d recommend going over the questions more than once if you don’t get a super high score first time round, just so that you understand how the questions really work and where you’re making the mistakes. That’s what I did and it helped me for sure. I got 65% the first time I took this and passed the real thing the next day.

    1. Ben McCarthy

      Hi Seamus,

      Thanks for your feedback and I completely agree. This Exam should be used to aid users revision in testing their knowledge in particular areas. Big congratulations on passing.

  17. Avatar

    Hi Ben,

    I passed my DEV 401 Certification today! Your mock exam is a great help… Thank you!

    I will now prepare to take ADM 201 and maybe have the exam in a month. Do you have additional reference materials or documents that I can use for my review? Thank you! 🙂


  18. Avatar

    Hello Ben. There is a question on the 60 question mock exam, it was #36 on mine and it reads: “The Sales Director wants to be alerted to deals that are greater than $1,000,000.00. Which tool should you use to achieve this?” The two answers given when the answers were given were “#2. Workflow-Create a workflow to send an email if an Opportunity amount is great than 1,000,000.00” and “#3. Big Deal Alerts.”

    When I took another mock quiz of 20 questions (from salesforceben website) I had the same question but the answer came back as incorrect and the answer was just #3. Big Deal Alerts and the “Workflow” answer was not correct.

    Thought I’d clarify as I’m sure that could be a similar question on the actual test that I have early tomorrow.

    thanks for your feedback.

    1. Ben McCarthy

      Hi Cory,

      Thanks for commenting and I’m glad you are using the tests. This is a bit of a tricky question, although the Workflow & Big Deal Alerts and both valid answers. The Big Deal Alert is actually the better answer as this feature has been specifically designed to alert people to big deals. In some of the questions you will find questions like this where 2 answers are feasible, but its up to you to decide which is the best fitting answer.

      Hope this helps,


      1. Avatar

        Thing about this question though was that it had checkboxes meaning it needed more than one answer………if it would have had circles it would have required only one answer.

  19. Avatar

    Hello Ben,

    Took this exam today and passed. This is a very good exercise to see where I might have gaps in my knowledge so as to go back by related subject matter and see where I need additional study. Taking the exam on November 2nd so wish me luck. Thanks for posting this mock exam its very useful.

    Kind regards,


    1. Ben McCarthy

      Thanks Glenn and congratulations! That’s exactly why I made these exams, to fill Knowledge. I’m sure you will do just great on game day, you’ve got a lot of time to scratch up!

  20. Avatar

    There are two sets of two questions that are the same. One set is approx. at Q29 – Q31 and the other set is about what report type is best for bar chart dashboard.

  21. Avatar

    I think this is a good practice exam but would find it much more helpful if the multi-select questions said “Choose 2” or “Select 3”, like the actual exam does. Some of your questions did but it wasn’t consistent.

    1. Ben McCarthy

      Hi Tim, Thanks for the feedback. The main reason I do this is to challenge you on some of the easier questions. If you can do this with my exam then you should find the actual Salesforce exam even easier when they tell you how many to answer. Thanks, Ben

  22. Avatar

    Hi Ben,
    Thanks for preparing the exam. I’m sure a lot of time and effort went into it. I got 65% when I took it. So now I know the areas which I need to improve on. Do you have any questions based on Salesforce for Outlook, Salesforce files/folders/Content Management, Salesforce1? I’m just looking at the study guide and saw some questions would come from those areas.

    1. Ben McCarthy

      Hey Colm,

      I’m glad you are getting a lot out of it. I’m afraid I don’t have any specific questions on those areas however, revision can take care a lot of those features that the exams only touch on, as oppose to going into great detail.

  23. Avatar

    Thanks for the quiz – I’m sure it will be helpful when it comes to taking the exam. Couple of things though:

    Question 58; assuming of course you are the record owner, above them in the role hierarchy or system admin (i.e. have ‘Full Access’), the sharing button will appear in both scenarios 1 or 3: https://help.salesforce.com/apex/HTViewHelpDoc?id=faq_general_why_cant_i_see_the_sharing.htm&language=en_US

    Question 41; I believe the correct answer is 2. System admin doesn’t have the marketing profile, for example. It’s now a feature licence assigned at the user level. The only thing required at profile level is the relevant object (Campaign) access

    Question 13; Option 4 is not really correct as if you’re importing records to a child object in a master-detail relationship there’s no owner field. That said, seeing as the question says ‘consider’ then there’s no harm in considering including one, although they of course wouldn’t be able to map it if they actually tried to import to a child object.

    Hope this helps others in the future…

    1. Ben McCarthy

      Hi Geovany,

      The certifications are not updated each release, this is what the release maintenance exams are for. They may change over time but the core information is still there.

  24. Avatar

    Hello Ben,
    Thank you very much for this mock exam!
    It is perfect for making (almost) last-minute revision (I’m getting an exam exactly in a week). 😉
    Hopefully some questions will be similar. #FingersCrossed

    Kind regards,

  25. Avatar

    Hi Ben,

    This Mock test are very useful to the people who are appearing for SalesForce Certification. Can you please some more Mock tests?

  26. Avatar

    Hi, Please check question number 59. You have two options with the same answer “matix” and “matrix”.

      1. Avatar

        Thank’s, Ben.
        I also had some doubts about Q31 “Field level security or Page Layout can be used to make a field required”. Answered “Yes”, but your correct answer is “no”, even if both field level security and in page layout you can make field required. Can you a bit of explain an answer, or I missed something? Answer would be appreciated.

          1. Avatar

            Thank’s, I will check it once again. In any case Your Mock exam is good point to find the gap in knowledge 🙂

          2. Ben McCarthy

            Hey Christine, thank you very much!

            I’m afraid with Field Level Security (FLS), you can only make a field either visible to your users or read only, not required. In this link you send over this is describing making the field requirement on the page layout, a validation rule and on the field definition when you create the field.

            Let me know if this makes sense.



      1. Avatar

        Hi Ben,
        Below is the question I need to understand more abut this.

        All users are currently using the “Standard User” profile in Salesforce. You have recently created a custom object which some users will need access to. How would you do this?

        I think best way to do this is create apermission set and assign to the right user. As per you the answer is to create a new profile.
        Can you please explain more on this topic?
        Thanks and regards,

  27. Avatar

    Ben, I just purchased the study guide via my paypal account but never got directly how to access the guide. Help! I’m already scheduled to take the test in a couple of days…..

  28. Avatar

    Now,after taken this exam,I got a view how to handle the main exam..I need a little more conspiracy options to select amongst ,which leads to have much more confidence..

  29. Avatar

    Quick question – Can you mass transfer accounts to more than 1 user? We had someone leave the organization and 2 people will be taking over his accounts. I know mass transfer works from 1 user to another, but not sure if possible to transfer from 1 user to more than 1.


  30. Avatar

    I passe the quiz. I really hope I would do good in exam which is 7 days from today. I want to know how you go about few days before that exam like, you just put everything off and relax or review everything over and over?

    1. Ben McCarthy

      Personally I love to cram until I feel like I literally can’t fit anything further in my head. I don’t really like relaxing as I feel like that If I was revising and I revised a question that came up, that could be the one question that makes me pass!

  31. Avatar

    Hi Ben !
    First, thanks a lot for your impressive work within your blog, it’s very helpful for me.

    I will pass the adm201 exam in 2 weeks, and I’ve done all your tests. Could you give more ressources to test me ? Like online quizz, salesforce questions(…) ?

    Thank you in advance

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  34. Avatar

    Hi Ben,

    I have just finished successfully the Admin 201 test,
    want to thank you for your site, Blog which i enjoy reading and for this Test.

    1. Ben McCarthy

      Hi Mikkel, unfortunately the questions themselves are not the same as the actual test as this would be in breach of the T&C’s. However, this test contains similar content to the real exam and is therefore designed to test you for gaps in your knowledge.



      1. Avatar

        Hi Ben, and thanks for your reply. So with an 80% pass on this test off the bat, I ought to be in a fair shape to stand the real one.

  35. Avatar

    not sure if below mentioned questions answers are correct ?

    A system administrator needs to restrict users ability to view a dashboard. How can this be accomplished?

    1. Restrict the access to the folder that the source report is located
    2. Create a sharing rule to restrict the access
    3. Restrict the access to the folder that the dashboard is located
    4. Disable access to the dashboard on the users profile

    In which scenarios will the sharing button appear?

    1. When the sharing model for the object is private or public read only
    2. When the sharing model for the object is private
    3. When the sharing model for the object is public read/write
    4. It will always appear

    What type of report cannot be used to populate a chart in a dashboard?

    1. Tabular
    2. Matrix
    3. Summary

  36. Avatar

    Hi Ben,
    I am new to your site. In fact new to SF, but am learning every day! I wanted to download the exam to reference as I learn but the link doesn’t execute. I am a member as well. Thanks for a great site!

  37. Avatar


    I have a question regarding the following question: “You can use standard reports when creating Dashboards?” I created a standard report and I was able to add it to the dashboard. Why the answer is “False”?

  38. Avatar


    Thanks for this mock exam, this will help me (and everyone) to build confidence to take the real exam or to study more!

    By the way, your blog is the best for people like me that are trying to advance in our Salesforce career!

    Best Regards

  39. Avatar

    Manuel Echeverria


    Hi. I practicing with your test and I must say that is really useful. Thank you for this. However I have a question because in one of your question says: Field Level Seurity or Page Layout can be used to make a field required? and I answered True but the Test says that is False. But in another similar question: You can make fields visible, read-only, and required using Page Layouts. I answered True and the correct answer is True. So I’m confuse in this questions because as far as I know, you can make a field required using page layouts.

    Thanks a lot for your feedback.

  40. Avatar

    Hola Ben!! Amazing set here. Wish there were more mock exams to be tried here before appearing for my ADM 201 exam [Essentials for new Admins] this 30th April. Got 75% so hope all goes smooth in main as well.

    One Q: Could you please clarify the answer for: System administrator needs to restrict users ability to view a dashboard. How can this be accomplished?
    1. Restrict the access to the folder that the source report is located
    2. Restrict the access to the folder that the dashboard is located

    1. Avatar

      Carlos Siqueira


      Hi Raj:

      This is a very good question that gets many people. Think about the relationship between a report and a dashboard like a parent and a child.
      A parent exist without a child and a report exist without a dashboard. If you restrict the access to the folder where the report is located, you still see the dashboard (That is the trick on the question!) and you don ‘t see the report, so the correct answer is to “Restrict the access to the folder that the dashboard is located”.

      I hope this helps.

  41. Avatar

    Thanks Ben! I passed my certification exam yesterday and this mock exam helped me find out what I had to revise. Great job.

  42. Avatar

    Hi Ben! Is a there a “bank” of questions that gets cycled through on this exam or is it the same 60? Thank you!

    1. Ben McCarthy

      Hi Zach,

      With this exam it is the same 60,but the questions and answers are cycled each time so you may take it again whilst being challenged. Soon enough I will have more than just one exam for the Admin exam though.

  43. Avatar

    hiiii ben
    thank you for giving such a good quiz. its very nice to improve my knowledge. i am a fresher to this salesforce admin, can you please suggest me how to become an expert in this field ?
    thank you

  44. Avatar

    Hi Ben,

    MY question is regarding

    46. Question
    You can restrict a profiles view to a certain field by using which feature?

    1. Profiles
    2. Roles
    3. Permission Sets
    4. Field Level Security

    The correct answer is 4, but I think you can restrict a field through profiles too. Am I correct?

    1. Ben McCarthy

      Hi Irina,

      This is a bit of a tricky questions. Field level security is the feature where you can control fields which is included within the profile. However the actual feature used is called Field Level Security.

      Hope this helps!


  45. Avatar

    hiiii ben
    thank you for giving such a good quiz. its very nice to improve my knowledge. i am a fresher to this salesforce admin, can you please suggest me how to become an expert in this field ?
    thank you

  46. Avatar

    Hello Ben,

    Thank you for this wonderful set. I passed it with good percentage. Keeping my finger crossed for the real certification 🙂

  47. Avatar

    HI Ben,
    What permissions are needed to import leads and contacts to a Campaign?
    1. Marketing user checkbox on user.
    2. Marketing user checkbox & profile
    3. Marketing user profile
    4. Marketing User permission set

    It seems to me that SFDC states that it is merely the checkbox on the user that allows or disallows this- so I guessed #1, but you are stating that it is #2, requiring both the Marketing profile and the Marketing User checkbox checked. Am I missing the obvious?


    Thanks so much!

  48. Avatar

    Hello Ben,

    Thanks for the nice set of questions to help us prepare for the exam. I have a doubt though in Question no 9 “Fields which are hidden using Field-Level-Security are still subject to Validation Rules?”. The Answer says that its “True”.
    My doubt is that if for hidden fields validation rules will be applied, then how will the user be able to correct the validation error when the field itself is hidden?

    Could you please clarify the answer to this question, or will it be “False”.
    Thank you.

  49. Avatar

    Hi Ben ,
    My question is regarding 47. Correct answers are 3 and 4. What about giving “Manage Dynamic Dashboards” permission, without permission is it possible?
    A sales manager would like to view a dashboard from the perspective of different users and switch between users without editing the dashboard, how would an administrator enable this?

    1. Grant the sales manager the “Manage Dynamic Dashboards” permission
    2. Grant the sales manager the “Drag-and-Drop Dashboard builder” permission
    3. Grant the sales manager the “View my Teams Dashboard” permission
    4. Create the dashboard as a dynamic dashboard

    Thanks in advance!

  50. Avatar

    Hi Ben,

    2 or 3 questions are repeated in the test. Not sure wantedly added or system picked up.


  51. Avatar

    Hi Ben,

    You can make fields visible, read-only, and required using Page Layouts.?

    Page Layout doesn’t have ‘visibility’ option, it has only ‘read-only’ and ‘required’ options. So, the answer for this question should be false.
    Your answer states that its true, could you please verify.

    Thank You,

    1. Ben McCarthy

      Hi Tulasi,

      You are correct in saying that fields on a page layout don’t have the visibility option. But you can easily make fields visible or not by dragging them onto the page layout or by taking them off. This is what makes the answer correct. Hope this helps,


  52. Avatar

    Sundari Mohanram


    Hi Ben,
    All of the following objects may have a queue EXCEPT

    1. Accounts
    2. Leads
    3. Custom Objects ***
    4. Cases

    In this question Custom Object is marked as the right answer but I went through this in sfdcstudy.org which says
    “Queue is supported on Case, Leads, Contracts and custom objects”

    Could you please clarify??

    Sundari Mohanram

    1. Ben McCarthy

      Hi Sundari,

      The question says all of the following may have a queue EXCEPT…This means the correct answer is Accounts. I checked the system and this is marked as the correct answer.

  53. Avatar

    Hi Ben,
    It was nice to attend the Mock exam as I was preparing for my Admin exam on next month. The questions were nice.

    I just want to point out that I found 3-4 Duplicate questions in the list. Also can see some area like Knowledge, Salesforce1/Mobile, Lightning or Solution not covered, if you can include those as well then the List of Questions will reflect the latest Study Plan of Salesforce.


  54. Avatar

    Parker Edelmann


    Hello Ben,

    I just took this mock exam and got 56 out of 60 questions correct. Would you say that I’m ready to take the actual exam?

  55. Avatar

    Thanks a lot for the mock test!!! I scored 79% without full preparation…hopefully will crack the exam!
    Looking forward for more such tests Ben!

  56. Avatar

    So I’m a little confused here. I thought profiles could only be used to *grant* access (not *restrict*) that is otherwise restricted by OWD, yes? So technically aren’t all of the following answers incorrect:
    If the Org Wide Default is Public Read/Write, what feature in Salesforce is needed to *restrict* access to that object?
    1. Record Type
    2. Profile
    3. Role Hierarchy
    4. Page Layout

  57. Avatar

    16 questions out of 60 are wrong and that means 44 is supposed to be correct (and they are) but systems says only 41 out of 60 is correct. Double checked everything and it seems that system calculates the number of correct answers wrong. :-))

  58. Avatar

    Thank you for the exam…This was really helpful. How is the actual Salesforce 201 certification exam compare to this one? What kind of material do I need to prepare for the examination? Any suggestions or recommendations are really appreciated.

    Thank you,

  59. Avatar

    Hi Ben

    Thank you for the exam…This was really helpful. How is the actual Salesforce 201 certification exam compare to this one? What kind of material do I need to prepare for the examination? Any suggestions or recommendations are really appreciated.
    Thank you,

  60. Avatar

    This practice exam is very helpful. I failed my 1st try on the actual exam. I’m still studying to retake the exam again in a couple weeks, and this is most helpful by far.

    I took this practice exam and failed the first try to see what areas I am having trouble with. 2nd try, i passed with 76%!

    1. Avatar

      I hope you passed the second time! Was this mock exam helpful?
      I would appreciate your response!

  61. Avatar

    Hi Ben, I got this answer wrong, however I believe I was right, 1 is NOT a name of a standard object. There is a standard object called ‘products’ and also ‘opportunity’ but NOT ‘opportunity product’. Also, I saw the same 2 questions asked 2 places in the quiz.

    Which of the following are standard Salesforce Objects?
    1. Opportunity Product
    2. Contract
    3. Pricebook
    4. Ticket

  62. Avatar

    Hi Ben,
    I am reviewing my results, and found another one that I believe is incorrect. On Salesforce help pages it says you can use standard reports for creating dashboards. I marked this true and it appears it is true, but the quiz marked that wrong for me.

    You can use standard reports when creating Dashboards?
    1. False
    2. True

  63. Avatar

    I would love it if you could make one like this for process builder and flow knowledge. I struggle to remember when case safe. When formula vs a reference. All that. I would really love to have something that could help me remember the rules.

  64. Avatar

    Dammit I was 4 points out!! However – I was asked one question three times and got this wrong so I must try again! – Excellent website though, amazingly helpful. Thank you

  65. Avatar

    I took the mock, Did not go as good as I thought , but in some question (multiple answers) I did not select all the checkboxes and that was an error on my part.
    I will study this week and take the exam on saturday, Is been long overdue and I need to have this certificate as a personal achievement.

    Thanks again ben

  66. Avatar

    Hi Ben!! I can’t thank you enough for such a great mock test. I have reached 47 of 60 points, (78.33%) and feel much better about my chances to pass the real test. Of course, I’ll keep studying and reviewing all of my questions to make sure I pass the real test. I’ll have that during Dreamforce 2016. So, just got less than 2 weeks for the real test.

    Thanks Again!!
    Carlos Plazas

  67. Avatar

    Q: Which statements about custom summary formulas in reports is true?
    I believe your test answers say this is true: “Custom summary formulas can reference a formula field within a report.”
    The Salesforce documentation article “Get the Most Out of Custom Summary Formulas” , however, says it is false: “A summary formula can’t reference another summary formula.” Is this a trick question: “formula field” vs. “summary formula.” ? Or did I misread the answer?
    Please clarify. Thanks for your input.

  68. Avatar

    Hi Ben,

    I’ve failed the test and I just wanted to let everyone that plans to take the salesforce admin certification exam; the exam is going to be TOUGH! I’ve passed the mock test and I did not even got 1 question from there. If you plan to study for this test, make sure to use the Salesforce Fundamentals Documentation and practice each chapter thoroughly, https://certifiedondemand.com/
    Use the Study Guide and stick to all of the objectives.
    Use Quizlet (This is a MUST) I had no clue that application existed, you can find SOME of the actual questions there; if you need a better idea on how the test will be) it is mainly scenario based with multiple answers. I did not get any true/false questions at all.
    I’m in the process of reviewing all the material (which is very extensive) and until I feel confident I can take the test again, I will. I was told not to wait too long as they constantly change the questions. However, I can barely remember the questions and I am not sure which ones were correct or incorrect; and they do not provide any information at all.

    To everyone, please do not get discouraged as most people fails in the first attempt.It is very common. You can check the feedback from people who have taken the test before.

    Note: I’m a data management not a salesforce admin. (that also can be a reason for not having the experience with salesforce as an admin)
    I’d rather stay with my area, but just need the cert as part of my goals.


  69. Avatar

    Thanks for this! I do have a question. On this question:
    What should a system administrator consider before importing a set of records into Salesforce?

    1. Data should be de-duplicated in the import file prior to import
    2. The import file should include a record owner for each record
    3. Validation rules are not triggered when importing data using the import wizard
    4. Currency field values will default to the personal currency of the record owner
    I chose #4, but it said 1 and 2 were correct as well. I don’t need de-duplicated records as I match them through the SRM_ETL_ID field in Informatica, and I don’t need a record owner as that is done through workflow upon import.

  70. Avatar

    Hi Ben,
    I signed up and paid $10 for the lifetime membership. Not able to download the PDF copy of the 60 Question Certified Administrator exam.
    Please guide on this.


  71. Avatar

    Please ignore my request on the PDF copy. Your site took some time to enable the downloading. I am fine now.


  72. Avatar

    I think you may have programmed the incorrect answer (or I may need to be explained the answer to this question) for this question: “Field Level Security or Page Layout can be used to make a field required”. I am pretty sure it is ‘true’, as page layouts can be used to make a field required. Or am I certainly incorrect? Also, great practice exam and many thanks

  73. Avatar

    Hi guys the question has been updated for winter 17(Administrator Exam). Can anyone share how they look like . I am writing next week

  74. Avatar

    When I click on the Download PDF link, I get a Forbidden 403 error. I am a paid user, who is logged in at this moment. Has anyone else had this problem?

  75. Avatar

    Hi Ben shouldn’t this question read what report FORMAT is most appropriate? report TYPE suggests it could be mailing.

    An Marketing manager would like to generate a list of contacts for a mailing list. What type of report would be the most appropriate to use:

    1. Matrix
    2. Mailing
    3. Summary
    4. Tabular

  76. Avatar

    Happy holidays!
    I have been taking this practice tests. I find it very helpful so I hope that the material is similar to the real test.
    I have my test on Wed, Jan 4th. Please give me any tips if you have taken the test recently.
    Thanks so much.


  77. Avatar

    Pavithra Srivatsan


    You have reached 18 of 60 points, (30%). Sombody help me with SF. JUst started to learn and pls share important docs. Thanks.

  78. Avatar

    Question 25: All of the following objects may have a queue EXCEPT: Your answer: Custom Object. Please compare and contrast with: https://help.salesforce.com/articleView?id=queues_overview.htm&type=0&language=en_US&release=206.5 which states “Queues:
    Prioritize, distribute, and assign records to teams who share workloads. Access queues from list views. Queue members can jump in to take ownership of any record in a queue. They’re available for cases, leads, orders, CUSTOM OBJECTS, service contracts, and knowledge article versions.”

    Is this question valid or was there a change of some kind?

  79. Avatar

    Question about #7 and #27: If it is true that a standard picklist CANNOT be a dependent field, then why is the custom multi-select picklist a better answer?

  80. Avatar

    hi I want to take an asmin certification, but I notice that this mock exam is from 2014, my question is if it’s the same content in 2017

  81. Avatar

    If you ᴡant fleхing the limits from your mind, ǥo find “Inception.” Јust joҝing.

    Do go find it, but likewise check out this attracting tutorial.

  82. Avatar

    Thank you so much for this mock up. Really helped me on my certification Exam.

    Just came out of exam room and excited to Announce – I am now Salesforce Certified Administrator 🙂

  83. Avatar

    Hi Ben, thanks for the mock admin exam. I’ve just subscribed on the basis there would be more mock Admin questions, but I can’t see any? Cheers Phil

  84. Avatar

    Hi Ben,
    You only have a maximum of 60 questions or you have more than that? If I do the exam more than once will I see new questions?

      1. Ben McCarthy

        Hi Josh,

        This particular exam is complete free. The membership gives you access to more exams and also allows you to download it in PDF format. If this is in anyway misleading on the site, please let me know so I can change it.



  85. Avatar

    Hi Ben. I tried to sign up and when I got to the PayPal Page I hit the back button trying to make sure I put in the information correct. Now I can’t login to finish registration nor can I use the login Id/email I had when I started. How can I pay the fee so I can get my login to work?

  86. Avatar

    Hello Ben McCarthy, can i know the last update with the Salesforce Demandware? i send to you with 2 email already but too silent.
    Do you have for question for exam for DEV?

  87. Avatar

    Hello Ben!

    Thanks for the nice exams.

    I have doubts about the following question:
    When converting a Lead, what values are transferred to the Opportunity?

    1. Close Date = Today
    2. Amount = Lead Amount
    3. Close Date = Last day in fiscal quarter
    4. Stage = First stage in list

    According to the answers, 3 & 4 are correct, but I took the same test yesterday and I got 3 & 1. Correct me if I am wrong but is not the Closed Date set to Today?


    1. Ben McCarthy

      Hi Martina,

      The answers do mix around in order so it may well have been that the correct answers have moved place slightly. However the close date is not set to today, it is set to the last day in the fiscal quarter. The close date is meant to represent when you plan to close the Opportunity.



  88. Avatar

    Hi Ben.

    There were 5 questions I answered correctly but the results showed I picked an answer that I didn’t pick so it marked it incorrect. I passed anyway but I would’ve got around 90%.

  89. Avatar

    I have had no formal Salesforce training but have been working as a junior admin for the last few years. I took your practice exam and scored 71% today. Does anyone have any input on how this compares to the real exam? I have been looking into the Admin201 course to take before the exam, but now I am wondering if I should just take the exam.

  90. Avatar

    OK so I passed the quiz with a 70%. It looks like I need to study some more. Are these questions current? From what I am reading in the comments the actual test is updated and slightly more difficult. I think when I can get a 90% or higher perhaps I will be ready for the real deal.

  91. Avatar

    Hi Ben McCarthy,
    As you are aware there will be a new update 17 spring in salesforce, I was supposed to take the ADM 201 exam this Saturday but not knowing that the end date of the end date of the winter exam completion will be 24th of this month.
    My question is, with this new update in salesforce will it affect deeply the ADM 201 exam in the sense that will most of the exam question change due to this new update?
    Like in total of 50 questions in the exam, how many questions could change.

    1. Ben McCarthy

      Hi Franco, sorry for the delayed response here. I’m not sure if you have already taken your exams, but Salesforce rarely change the Admin exam to match the releases. They will ensure that is is all factually correct, but they do not change it as frequently as the releases. Hope this helps!

  92. Avatar

    Hi Ben,

    I am planning to give Admin exam by next week. Could you please tell me if there are any changes for 2017? Do you have more mock tests?

  93. Avatar

    i got 91% on 2nd try. i hope i pass the exam this coming May 2017! thank you for this reviewer!

  94. Avatar

    Yessenia santos


    Hi Ben:
    I am a member and would like to get more tests before my test on Saturday, June 10th. Your feedback is appreciated. I need to pass this test.

  95. Avatar

    I think one of the questions on the mock exam is outdated and could mislead students. The question I’m concerned with is “When a lead is converted, which object can it optionally become? 2.) Opportunity”

    I just read in Salesforce Lead Management Implementation Guide, Summer ’17, that “Salesforce automatically maps standard lead fields to standard account, contact, and opportunity fields when you convert a lead into an account, contact, and opportunity. Custom lead fields can be mapped to custom account, contact, or opportunity fields. Before converting a lead, create the appropriate custom account, contact, or opportunity fields. Then, set the
    appropriate mapping for the custom lead fields.”

    I haven’t seen anything that says you can “optionally” convert a lead to an opportunity in the new guide.

  96. Avatar

    Hi Ben,

    I register myself and straight away paid to get full access to mock test but unfortunately, I am unable to log in. Please look into it and do the needful.



  97. Avatar

    Hi Ben, Looks like there is a discrepancy between the Pdf and the Mock exam for Sharing Rule


    I believe Solutions do not offer any level of granular security control – only field-level security and “manage solutions” permissions at the profile level. Solutions are not available for any sharing rules

  98. Avatar

    Hi Ben,

    I am new to salesforce and after got training from Udemy . I tried to give mock test here and i am happy to announce i have passed it .Its good content to practice . Thanks for helping us to get certified.

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  100. Avatar

    Nice Quiz, it covers all the aspect of the Administrator certificate course and is really good to boost one’s confidence prior appearing for the Admin certification.

    Thanks for the upload

  101. Avatar

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    Hey Ben, I am having problems with ‘Member’s Area’. I had purchased the membership via Paypal on May 31, 2017, but whenever I try to access Member’s Area items, I am asked to make paypal purchase again. Can you plz. look into this.

    1. Avatar

      What I mean to say is that I am on question no. 22 and try to submit my answer for the question but somehow the Next Button does not work.

  105. Avatar

    On the second try it worked. Just got 95% on the quiz. Hopefully I will pass the Admin exam tomorrow with flying colors. Fingers crossed. Thanks for putting up the quiz.

    1. Avatar

      govardhani ethirajan


      Hi Puneet,

      Hope you have completed you sales force certification ,Any tips for the preparation from your side.

      My exams are scheduled this week

  106. Avatar

    The big difference between this type of mock test and actual test is, the mock test are straight forward and easy to get answer correct, but the actual tests are scenario based. I passed almost all the mock tests, but failed twice on the actual tests. Mainly because the scenarios are totally confusing, and difficult to understand. If these mock tests are also made scenario based, that will be more helpful score. Thanks.

  107. Avatar

    This was a good test because it didn’t mess around with scenarios, and just tested if you had the knowledge (or not).

    Knowing how to deal with scenario based questions is an important skill to pass the real test. Perhaps a couple of such questions could be added here?

  108. Avatar

    Hi Ben,

    About Question>>> 29.Where can you make a field required? (Select all that apply)

    I select workflow rules too, bot why this is wrong?

    I can do a workflow rule to make a field required (examples a field cannot be in blank or select a value from pick list)



  109. Avatar

    Hi Ben,

    I am planning to get admin certification this weekend but I need to know whether these mock exams are updated or not?

  110. Avatar

    Ben –
    Finding the comments as informative as the practice exam, so thanks for including and keeping all intact.
    I just want to say that I am using this as practice to find my weak points, because although I have been working as a Salesforce certified administrator for 2 years now (contract, different companies), and passed the ADM 201 on the first try in 2016, my hands-on experience has been limited for moving forward. People tend to want to hire contractors for a specific issue and/or they don’t want someone to go too deep for fear of harming their orgs. So now in interviewing for jobs I keep having the same response in lacking certain areas. (I am considering getting the advanced admin cert also, hoping that might help.)
    Going back to this exam was a great way to start another round of study! Also, want to thank you for answering my questions whenever I have contacted you! Great help, and always so quick to reply! 🙂

  111. Avatar

    Just wanted to see how current this mock test is? I noticed that Workflow was referenced instead of Process Builder, so it made me wonder if it’s out of date? It’s a great quiz overall, I just want to be sure I’m preparing by studying the right information. Thank you!

  112. Avatar

    Hi all,
    I’m here in Brazil studying for my first Salesforce Admin Certification. Can you please tell me if the test has the option to be in English.

  113. Avatar

    Hi Ben,
    I’m going to take my Salesforce Admin exam by next week.Can you please tell me some tips to crack the exam.()


  114. Avatar

    Hello , How can I pay for additional documents for Salesforce admin practicing test along with answers ? Please try to response us. I do not see any response from you in this year. Thanks in Advance.

  115. Avatar

    Thanks so much for this Ben.
    I’ve been too nervous to sign up for the exam, and I got 77% on your test (with one question being a very stupid mistake of misreading the question when I knew the answer)(, and I realised that I can do this! So I’ve set to the trailmixes, and have just scheduled my exam for early next month! I’m so excited. Thank you very much for putting this out there and making it freely available! Once I have studied some more, I’ll come back and give it another go, and see where else I need to brush up!

  116. Avatar

    Hi Ben

    I was trying to reach out directly from contact site several times but didn’t get respond, wondering if someone is getting my email. i have purchased and subscribed three days before but i didn’t get access for the site yet, it saying “email address has not been verified” i planed to take my exam soon please i need help ASAP.


  117. Avatar

    Just curious why the site says Want More Exams, but when I click any links in the paragraph, it takes me to the Members signup. I’ve already become a member and paid. Any suggestions?

  118. Avatar

    I don’t even know how I ended up right here,
    but I believed this submit used to be great. I do not recognise
    who you might be but certainly you’re going to a famous blogger
    when you aren’t already. Cheers!

  119. Avatar

    Hi Ben – first, thank you! Secondly, on the actual exam, will there be questions that will have multiple answers like your mock exam does? Or is it all multiple choice, one answer questions? After taking this mock, I found that alot of my incorrects where from not selecting ALL of the correct answers for the question. Thanks again!

    1. Avatar

      I took the exam last year and failed. There are many multiple choice questions and a lot of the potential answers are very similar. Read EVERY question carefully as there quite a few almost trap questions. My biggest frustration is I don’t know which questions I missed

  120. Avatar

    Exam papers for 2019. I see there are many new questions in the January 2019 papers. I understand the pass rate always falls at the beginning of a new year until the questions become known. What do you know Ben? 2 questions; How many papers are in use at one time and when are the papers refreshed?

  121. Avatar

    Hey Ben,

    On other mock tests it specifies how many correct answers there are for each questions. Do you think you’ll update your mock exam to do the same? I keep tripping up on the multiple choice and would love to see that feature in the future.

    Great advice and content! Thanks for all you your efforts.

    1. Avatar

      Hi Callie,

      Once you finish your exam, click on ‘view questions’ button to reveal all the answers.
      I hope this helps.


      1. Avatar

        No that does not help. Some questions offer 5 selections while only a select few are correct and on the real exam, the question indicates, “Select two” or “Select three” so the test taker can know how answers need to be chosen.

  122. Avatar

    HI ,
    Could anyone please help me with the study material and preparation techniques for the salesforce Adlin certification . I want to give this certification . Thanks !
    looking forward to your replies ….

  123. Avatar

    Enjoyed doing this mock test. Thanks Ben for this.

    I got 3 questions out of this set. I passed the exam in the first attempt with a practice of 2 weeks. 🙂

  124. Avatar

    Hi Ben, thanks for the practice. I sat for the Salesforce Administrator exam 2 weeks ago and passed in my first attempt.

  125. Avatar

    Enjoyed doing this mock test. Thanks Ben for this.
    I passed the exam in the first attempt with a practice of 2 weeks.
    Suggestion – While at the end of test once user submit it then please add a button to download the report with the answer sheet.


  126. Avatar

    Would have been great if there were options like going back and revisiting the questions, marking them for review at the end and filtering the questions based on knowledge areas and correct/incorrect . Great quiz though, would be awesome with the changes suggested.

  127. Avatar

    Thank you so much for the effort you put into the Get Certified resources. They were all integral in my preparation for the Admin 201 exam, and I passed on my first attempt! I am now preparing for the Advanced Administrators exam as well as the Developers exam and hope to have both completed in the next 30 days. Thanks again, membership to your site is a bargain at twice the price!


  128. Avatar

    Hi Ben,

    I failed the test in first Attempt. Sad thing is I passed all your Mock tests including some other practice test with 90% in first attempt but i still failed actual test. Ironically i passed all real admin related topics like data security, system security, users profiles, company profiles with 100% but failed all the functional topic like sales cloud,campaigns, products and other functional related topics.
    And i don’t know what to do know as i am not good at functional topics at all.
    Please any suggestions will be great help.



  129. Avatar

    Dude (Ben)! Thanks for this practice exam… it really mirrored my progress and glad to let you know I just took the certification and exam and PASSED!

  130. Avatar

    Thanks a ton Ben for setting up this Mock Test. I got 85 percent should I study more or Schedule my exam right away.

  131. Avatar

    Padmashri Kulkarni


    Hi, I am a financial advisor and a Super User for my branch. I don’t have technical background but very much interested in salesforce after being a super user and exposing myself to lots of opportunities out there. But I am utterly confused with where to start from, for the prep of exam and gaining knowledge. Trailblazer is little bit confusing for me. Can anyone give me fair idea of how to prepare and where to start and what modules, badges and courses I have to take? Thanks in advance

    1. Avatar
  132. Avatar

    Hi Ben, Can you let me know when was this questionaire Updated ? i took the practice test and scored 85%.

    I have my exam scheduled for this weekend. I was wondering what other study materials or mock tests i can refer.

    Thanks in advance.

        1. Lucy Mazalon

          What do you mean, sorry? This is an exam written by the Salesforceben team that is based on the real certification exam.

  133. Avatar

    Great Quiz Ben!
    I am not cleared on following question:
    Q 45: what should a sys. admin consider before importing data into Salesforce?
    Ans: One of the ans is “The import file should include a record owner for each record.” :- pls explain

    Thanks a lot

  134. Avatar

    Great job, salesforceben team! Was able to get 75% on the test.. hope i can repeat the same in my actual certification exam

  135. Avatar

    Hi everyone, note the material I used is easily available to anyone and you don’t have to spend an extra dollars.. Below is the order in which I did my preparation and got success in the final Salesforce ADM-201 exam in first attempt.

    1. Understanding Topics & Weightage
    2. Trailhead Modules
    3. Official Youtube Playlist
    4. Help Document
    5. Free Training Courses
    6. Free Certification Preparation Webinars
    7. JustCerts Salesforce ADM-201 Exam Questions

    Good Luck!!!


  136. Avatar

    Thank you, Surinder. to be honest, I used the trailblazer content, udemy and used and at the end try the JustCerts
    Hi everyone, note the material I used is easily available to anyone and you don’t have to spend an extra dollars.. Below is the order in which I did my preparation and got success in the final Salesforce ADM-201 exam in first attempt.

    1. Understanding Topics & Weightage
    2. Trailhead Modules
    3. Official Youtube Playlist
    4. Help Document
    5. Free Training Courses
    6. Free Certification Preparation Webinars
    7. JustCerts Salesforce ADM-201 Exam Questions

    Good Luck!!!

  137. Avatar

    One quick suggestion.

    Question 43 “How many objects may be imported or updated using the data loader?”. Add “at one time” to the end of the question. Then the answer is clearly “1” but without that clarification someone could answer “unlimited” because users can import data to all objects… but only one object at a time.

  138. Avatar

    Was skin on a bone! 65%, but, it was great attempting the questions. I finished quite early 45 mins before. Thanks Ben!

  139. Avatar

    The question about making the red flag – that is not something i ever came through when studying via trailheads. I just looked again at the module that contains information about formulas (in the admin trailhead) and did not see it. However, I see it in the Advanced Administrator trailehead.
    Can you show me where this is covered in the admin trailhead?

  140. Avatar

    I have taken all 3 of your mock test and still dont feel very confident. Do you have any other tips for me? I take the exam tomorrow.

  141. Avatar

    HI! so i just attempted this, got 34 out of 60, i have my exam in 3 weeks and i have never studied for it before so this was a test to check how much of a fail it would be, fingers and toes crossed, any advise will be appreciated

    1. Avatar

      Christine Marshall


      Good luck with your exam! Focus on Force, Mike Wheeler and Certified on Demand all offer Admin certification courses that you might want to check out. And of course Trailhead!

  142. Avatar

    Hi. Thank you for the practice exam. I have a question:
    For #16 (If an agent determines issue on a Case due to a bug, they want to alert backend platform and create a record on that system. Which automation feature would best suit this?), the response is given as “Workflow Rule – Outbound Message”.
    To my knowledge Workflow rules cannot create records. Is my understanding incorrect?

    1. Avatar

      Hello Qudsia, this workflow rule will create a record in the backend platform ( “on that system” ) and not in salesforce

  143. Avatar

    Hello, THank you for the practice exam. however, I paid $20 but I am not able to access Mock# 2 practice exam. I also got message saying unauthorized user. Appreciate any help.

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