7 Tips from Salesforce Influencers

In the Salesforce community, we’re always looking to discover more about Salesforce the company and doing our jobs as Salesforce admins, developers and architects better. Following Jenny Bamber’s post earlier week, 6 Ways to Get Support and Network Within Salesforce, I’d like to present another way to… Read More

Salesforce Roundup – March 2015

Welcome to the first Salesforce Monthly RoundUp (I hope everyone appreciates the relevance of the logo!). This is going to be a regular monthly post highlighting Salesforce News which is relevant to the Industry we all know and love! Stay up to date with Salesforce… Read More

10 Obscure Salesforce Features

Salesforce being the powerhouse that it is, has a huge amount of standard features that an average Administrator probably won’t get to use in their career. However, it is essential to know about these features to provide the best service your company or client. For… Read More

Sales Cloud Exam Resources

  For anyone looking to take the Certified Sales Cloud Exam, check out all the resources below and my Sales Cloud Guide. Implementation Guides The below are Salesforce Recommended Guides; International Organizations: Using Multiple Currencies Deploying Territory Management Territory Management Decision Guide Implementing Person Accounts Campaign… Read More