Ultimate Salesforce Blogs List

With so many great individual and company run blogs out there, its hard to find a lot of them unless you follow the particular linked account on social media. To try and get around this, I thought I would compile the be all and end all, ultimate Salesforce blogs… Read More

Clueless About CPQ?

Configure Price Quote (CPQ) is a hot topic in the world of Cloud Computing and Salesforce Ecosystem. CPQ rapidly became a saturated space with a fierce competitive landscape, simply because a CPQ solution can revolutionize a sales cycle. This article will cover what CPQ is,… Read More

Salesforce.com Vs Force.com

A question that I get asked almost on a weekly basis is “What exactly is the difference between Salesforce.com Vs Force.com?”, in this article I hope to explain in clear terms what the exact difference is and how and you can utilise each of these… Read More