The AppAssessor #14: Spanning Backup

One-line Pitch: – Protect critical Salesforce data and metadata with automated, daily backup and fast restore of lost, deleted or overwritten data and metadata. Highlights – The default choice for set-and-forget Salesforce backup. – Metadata Backup: leave no stone unturned. – Metadata Restore: detangle the… Read More

The AppAssessor #12: CloudExtend

One-line Pitch: – Salesforce to Excel Add-in, opening up your Salesforce org into the familiar, timeless Excel interface. Highlights – Retrieve, Update and Remove data to/from Salesforce rapidly – Selectively update by using the Drag-and-select functionality.– Templates are easy to create or can be deployed by… Read More

The AppAssessor #11: Natterbox

Overview – Enterprise and Up – Doesn’t count towards object / tab limits – Lightning Ready Highlights – Native to Salesforce – Powerful automation and customer self-service options – Massive number of features – Text-to-Speech (including the use of fields from Salesforce!) – SMS Options Available… Read More