Bosch + Salesforce IoT Hackathon – Berlin

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One of the worlds leading power tool and consumer household appliances multinationals is teaming up with Salesforce to bring you Bosch ConnectedExperience 2016. This 2 day event from 8-9th of March in Berlin is bringing IoT developers from all over the world to build the next generation of applications.

This two day exclusive event will include:

  • Hack challenges: discover Bosch’s open software and hardware tools
  • Talks: listen to leading experts talk about how to take a prototype to a global product business
  • Clinics: get feedback from a Bosch expert on your product
  • Networking party: network with fellow entrepreneurs, designers, and developers

The Hack

Industrial services represent an exciting opportunity for IoT applications. How can we use tracking technology to ensure that construction companies always have an overview of their tool fleet, even if it is distributed across multiple construction sites? Leverage tracking devices from Bosch to build the next generation of tracking solutions together with our hack challenge partner Salesforce. Or take industrial power tools which need to support large-scale manufacturing operations: Get your hands on the very latest technology in this space, including Bosch’s advanced wireless Nexo tightening system and Heroku. Build industrial solutions with the Bosch IoT Suite and PTC ThingWorx.

The Prize

The winners of the hack challenges will have the chance to present their results on stage at Bosch ConnectedWorld with over 1,000 senior and C-level decision makers.


For an accelerated invitation to this exclusive event please connect and contact Malte Warczinski

One thought on “Bosch + Salesforce IoT Hackathon – Berlin

  1. How was it? This is an interesting and relative event for today’s technology issue. A fun and competitive bit but could produce a valuable product. I hope that the end results had experiments talking about how IoT’ security could evolve and gain confidence for the community.

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