Ambition App Review – Fantasy Football Meets Salesforce Metrics

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Salesforce offers some of the most powerful data analytics and performance tracking capabilities in enterprise software. And now, a new Salesforce App is allowing users to take their business intelligence and company culture to the next level.

Ambition tracks employee performance metrics and creates workplace competitions replicating of European and American-style Fantasy Football. The goal: better sales team engagement, smarter business analytics, and real-time insights that create a sustainable path to growth.

Incredible as it may sound, Ambition has engineered the most advanced workforce competition platform on the market, letting an organisation track its sales team as an owner would track his or her Fantasy Football Squad.




The major functions of Ambition are to inspire a more self-aware, better coached, and dynamic, responsive workforce and all-around organisation.

Ambition tracks data about employee performance in real-time, measuring anything from daily outbound cold calls to conversion rates. It then computes these metrics to form an employee’s Ambition score.

The Fantasy Football element of Ambition? Employees compete against one another in customisable matchups based around the Ambition score. In a default league, employees compete in weekly matchups — the team with the higher Ambition score wins their matchup and moves one step closer to making the playoffs and claiming the league title.

Ambition fully integrates with SalesForce, add-ons like Yesware, phone systems such as Avaya or Cisco, Dropbox, Google Docs, and homegrown CSV’s. Managers set and weigh benchmarks that will go into each employee’s daily “Ambition Score” (think football players’ weekly fantasy points). Competitions (seasons) usually take place over the course of a quarter, complete with a regular season and playoffs.




Setting Salesforce Objects

Ambition gives you the power to select any and all kinds of metrics to incorporate into the Ambition score. Ambition can dynamically track your company’s custom and standard objects and fields. Outbound calls, emails, revenue, meetings, new opportunities — you name it, Ambition can track it.

Since Salesforce uses Ambition’s new integration system, Ambition inputs your Salesforce metrics in a matter of minutes. Ambition also allows Salesforce users to change the format of incoming data or metrics themselves, no questions asked. For Salesforce users who want access to their historical performances. Ambition can also manually process old company data and display that information as well.


Creating the Ambition Score

The Ambition score is all about how well employees meet daily performance benchmarks. Salesforce users can select any number of metrics from Salesforce and other sources (Yesware, for example) and set the targeted level of performance for each metric. The user then weights each benchmark to decide how much it will impact each team member’s Ambition score.



Once that is done, employees receive an overall daily score that shows how well they performed in meeting and exceeding their benchmarks. The normalized Ambition score is a 100, so employees that hit their exact daily benchmarks will receive a score of 100. Those that exceed benchmarks can earn above a 100, while those that fall below their benchmarks will receive a score lower than 100. Users are free to tweak benchmarks and add new metrics into their Ambition score at any time.

The best aspect of the Ambition score: Each benchmark is completely configurable, so employees with different job functions and different performance expectations can still compete against one another, since competitions are based upon how well they meet their own, unique performance expections.

Adding Non-Salesforce Metrics

A pivotal aspect of Ambition is that it measures employee performance, not just productivity. To this effect, Ambition integrates with additional Salesforce Apps, phone systems, and other data tracking sources to take in data that helps users better understand all-around performance.



For example, Ambition seamlessly integrates with Yesware, so Salesforce users that also utilise Yesware can incorporate daily metrics like emails sent, open rate, response rate, click rate, and so forth into the overall Ambition score.


Ambition Pro-Tip: The optimal number of metrics in Ambition score is 5 to 7.

Setting Up Competitions

Once Salesforce users have set up the Ambition score computation, it’s time to set up the competition format. The Ambition default competition is a Fantasy Football-style, 11 week regular season and 2 week playoff. That being said, Ambition users can set up any kind of competition format imaginable –Ambition’s competition formatting is now completely tailorable to user demands.


Users are free to select:

  • Number of Leagues
  • Number of Teams
  • Number of Players on Each Team
  • Team Roster
  • Matchup Length
  • Season Length
  • Playoff Format
  • And much, much more.


For example, Coyote Logistics, a longtime Ambition client with over 400 users, has multiple offices competing in leagues separated by job-type. Its Carrier Reps compete in one league, while its Minneapolis and Chattanooga brokers compete in another league.

A neat aspect of Ambition is that it lets employees in different cities compete against one another. One Coyote leagues was divided into two conferences, Minneapolis and Chattanooga. Last month, the Carrier Cobra Kai squad brought home the League championship.


Ambition Pro-Tip: The optimal number of teams per league is 10, while the optimal number of players per squad is 5 to 7.

Getting Ambition

Ambition entered the Salesforce App Exchange last month and quickly began acquiring rave reviews. The addition of new features like Notifications (sent to managers and users every time an employee hits a critical benchmark) and the Ambition TV provide for better transparency, more coaching opportunities, and a more vibrant work environment.

Through a unique combination of advanced data analytics, flexible and engaging competitions, and forward-looking game design, Ambition has found the roadmap for providing your company with sustainable Return-on-Investment. Dozens of companies like Coyote Logistics, Dropbox, and Axial Financial are using Ambition and taking fantasy football to the office, transforming employees into competitors and teammates, and driving better productivity, processes, and workplace culture.

Click here to find Ambition on the App Exchange. To chat directly with an Ambition team member, go to the Ambition Customer Chatroom. And to read a more comprehensive breakdown of Ambition features, check out this post on the Ambition blog.