Advance Your Salesforce Career in 2021 – Tips from 6 Career Coaches

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What’s the best thing about a career in Salesforce? Is it the platform’s constant innovation, career progression opportunities, and salary expectations? Or maybe it’s all down to the thriving, supportive, and inclusive Trailblazer community that attracts people to specialise in Salesforce technology.

We here at Salesforce Ben know that tapping into the community is one of the best ways to grow your Salesforce career.

This is why we have asked the people behind these career coaching courses for their top tips for advancing your Salesforce career in 2021.

Mike Wheeler

Mike has taught hundreds of thousands of students how to use the Salesforce platform, gravitating towards tools and technology that empowers the non-technical to build and create amazing things online.

Mike’s tips:

Time on Platform is your T.O.P. priority: make your own experience. Build apps. Build a portfolio. Volunteer. Work through my courses. Work through Trailhead. The fastest path to silencing the ‘not enough experience’ chorus is T.O.P.

Always Be Marketing: regardless if you are unemployed, or enjoying your dream job, you should always be active in marketing your abilities. As you learn and do new things on the Salesforce platform weekly, you should be reflecting that personal growth on your LinkedIn profile and social media posts. You will find it much easier to find your next job whenever the unforeseen happens, if your marketing engine is already humming, rather than starting from cold.

Bradley Rice

Bradley splits his time between Salesforce freelancing and helping freshers/beginners get results faster and more effectively with the Salesforce for Everyone Group and the cutting-edge Salesforce Career Development Program.

Bradley’s tips:

If you already have a Salesforce certification and still aren’t able to land a job, don’t fall into the habit of attempting to get more and more certifications. If you’re looking for rapid growth and traction for your first Salesforce job consider spending time on these items:

  • LinkedIn branding: the secret to getting noticed by hiring managers and recruiters. Many individuals actually get invited to come interview for jobs simply because their profiles are so polished. Watch this video which demos exactly how to improve your brand on LinkedIn!
  • Real-world experience: without it, you will have no stories to tell in interviews. Experience will polish your skills, improve your confidence, and help a company in need…by volunteering! You can find volunteer projects specifically in the Salesforce space in our guide, or this video.

Take on the Free Salesforce 5 Day Challenge to find out where to start and take control of your future!

100 Days of Trailhead

Next up are the co-founders of the 100DayofTrailhead YouTube channel & blog, WITDEVS, and the Phoenix Salesforce Saturday.

Jessica Murphy is a 4Xs Salesforce MVP, Founder of East First Consulting, and Speaker.

Rachel Watson is a 4Xs Salesforce MVP, 13Xs Salesforce certified, Career Coach, and Tech Architecture Delivery Associate Manager at Accenture.

Jessica’s tip:

Networking is incredibly important! One of the best places to network is your local Salesforce Saturday. If you don’t have a Salesforce Saturday – start one!

Rachel’s tip:

Make sure you find and choose a role that will help you achieve your career goals. If you don’t, it could be a costly mistake! Do your research so you can choose the appropriate role and if you need help, get a Career Counselor who will help you create a path for your career goals and the roles that align with that goal.

“Career management skills can definitely be learned and improved over time. Your career plan is something that needs to be proactively developed – and 2021 is a great time to start.”

We hope these tips have given you the motivation to go out and pursue career progression. What are you focusing on in 2021 in your Salesforce career? Let us know in the comments below.

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