A New Salesforce Developer Series! Salesforce Summaries is here…

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One of the most helpful, and in my opinion, most underrated ways to get some comprehensive insights into cutting edge Salesforce related topics is to watch the videos from the Salesforce Developers YouTube channel. I always found that I learned so much from consuming these videos and was often surprised by how low the number of views were relative to the hugely valuable content. In fact, despite having over 1,500 videos now on the channel, the average number of views per video is less than 1,400.

I also find these videos more interesting, detailed, easy to follow and engaging than reading the official documentation. Listening and watching experts recount experiences on implementing a particular technology or design approach in a candid way really provides more of an emotional understanding.

I think that one of the reasons the number of views on the Salesforce Developers YouTube channel is arguably relatively low despite their content being so beneficial is because we tend to be very busy and life, sometimes, just gets in the way. The shortest videos on the channel seem to be around 18-20 minutes, but the more detailed ones can be over 60 minutes. This eats into our valuable ‘down time’.

That’s why I started writing ‘high level’ concise, bullet point and screenshot abundant summaries on the Salesforce Developer videos that one could read in typically under 5 minutes. I wrote a few summaries and posted them to Medium back in the summer of 2017. And then I wrote some more and more. The number of views and fans kept increasing, and that kept encouraging me to write more summaries. Not only did I enjoy helping out the community but I also learned a lot.

Now, with over 40 summaries written, it’s the right time to move to SalesforceBen.com so as to reach a wider audience and to offer more value to the Salesforce community. This series will start with a number of the most popular blog posts from the Medium version of Salesforce Summaries but new ones will soon be written and posted exclusively on SalesforceBen.com.

If there are any videos from the Salesforce Developer YouTube channel that you would especially like summaries from, then just let us know!

Salesforce Summaries

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  1. This is great and sorely needed! I very rarely watch videos as I read very quickly and can power thru written documentation faster. You have provided the best of both worlds! Thank you!

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