A Conversation on Salesforce: aspiring architects, data backup, COVID-19 impact on Salesforce jobs, and more!

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Salesforce is growing in multiple directions – think about how expansive the Salesforce ecosystem is now. With tons of new developments continually happening, when we reflect on some of the most popular Salesforce trends, it often results in a wide-ranging conversation.

This is what happened when the SFB team featured on CloudAlly’s monthly Thought Leader Talks. The conversation ranged from aspiring architects, the COVID-19 impact on the Salesforce job market, data backup, and key takeaways from running Salesforceben.com.

See the full transcription on the CloudAlly blog.

Show notes and key takeaways:

Key takeaway from working with many Salesforce community members over the years:

  • There’s so much to learn – from first starting out all the way through to expert level. Trailhead is great to master features, but there are also softer skills to nurture and knowing how to navigate your career.

Which certification route would make aspiring Salesforce professionals more marketable to employers?

  • Be unique with a specialization – Salesforce Lightning, Marketing Automation, Salesforce Einstein or Salesforce Field Service Lightning.
  • Skills from a previous life can help you to stand out from the crowd.
  • Free resources to learn Salesforce: Trailhead, YouTube channels, blogs (like ours!)

Any guidance for Trailblazers looking to transition into a Salesforce Architect role?

  • Transitioning takes time and can’t be accelerated.
  • Consider working for a Salesforce consultancy to surround yourself with other architects (85% of solution architects work in consultancies).
  • Explore the newer Solution Architect learning pathways – or other architect domains (Application architect, System architect).

Pointers for passing the Pardot Specialist Certification?

  • Trailmix for the Pardot specialist certification (also updated with Pardot Lightning).
  • Exams have become a lot more scenario-based, need a deep understanding of the product/used day to day.

Best practices for Salesforce backup and recovery:

  • Post announcing the news in March 2020 broke the record for most views in one day – proved urgency.
  • Need a 3rd party backup provider.
  • When evaluating, ask questions not just around data backup and restore but also metadata restore.

Predictions on how the pandemic impact global supply/demand for Salesforce professionals:

  • Positives – fallout has given a huge push for digital. Demand will continue to grow in 2021.

See the full transcription on the CloudAlly blog.

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