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Salesforce AppExchange apps reviewed in-depth by certified consultants.

Our Review Criteria

FeaturesShowcasing the functionality and user interface of the app. Exploring the features through the eyes of a consultant who has been responsible for ironing out business challenges through CRM implementation and user training.
Use casesWho in the organization would benefit from the app? Which of their specific pain points does it solve?
Impact What are the longer-term, more holistic benefits an organization will benefit from?
Setup effortHow complex is the setup and administration of the app? We also share the types of onbaording resources available.
CostIs the price worth it relative to the impact the app could deliver?

Past Reviews:

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The AppAssessor is an impartial review of an AppExchange App by a certified consultant. Any consultant involved has experience working across platform products and diverse  business use cases.

We are offering the opportunity for Salesforce ISV Partners to gain visibility in front of their target audience – whether that be Admins, Developers, or business stakeholders.

The SFB Mission:

“…to provide the Salesforce ecosystem with topical, actionable and thought-provoking content that serves to educate and empower readers’ careers”

Our Audience

Salesforce Admins
Salesforce Consultants
Salesforce Developers
Salesforce Architects

‘Other’ includes marketers, end users, and others. 

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