6 Ways To Get Support & Network Within Salesforce

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One of the reasons the Salesforce ecosystem has become so successful, is that the people working in it have a great attitude and have the willingness to help others. It’s one of those industries where you hear the phrase “What a small world!” often as everyone seems to be so social, well connected and supportive. If you are new to Salesforce or perhaps haven’t dived into any of the communities out there, then this post is for you. Salesforce has spread itself around every corner of the internet, and as well as its well crafted internal communities there are many others out there.

Success Community

At the core of Salesforce we have the Salesforce community and with over 1.7 mill users you are certainly not alone.. This is a place where users can collaborate with clients, peers and experts by posting and answering questions, sharing Ideas, networking and joining groups to join in with discussions. What more could you want? New to the Community and not sure where to start? Here are some top Admin experts and groups to follow to kick start you Success Community adventure.


People to follow?

It is worth following the Success Community influencers i.e, the people who contribute the most to the Community e.g. Steve Mo, Jeff May, Deepak Anand and more. But, also consider following MVPs like Chris Edwards, Francis Pindar, Mike Gill and more.

Groups to join? 

Girly Geeks

The girly geeks was formed 6 years ago by Geraldine Gray as a happy hour get together at Dreamforce. Fast forward to today and it’s now a powerhouse network of female Salesforce intelligence. The Girly Geek community provides the opportunity for women and men to drive change, promote women in technology, highlight organisation with equal opportunities, inspire women to get interested in technology and much more.

The Blog Group

Got a blog you want to share with the Success Community, or need some a place where you can catch the latest blog being posted? Then you need look no further. With over 320 users, this is certainly a group you don’t want to miss out on. This a great group to join if you have many blogs that you like to read as they are accessible (if posted) all in one place.
There are many more groups and people to follow so start searching today to find those that interest you most.

LinkedIn & LinkedIn Groups

LinkedIn is now the standard for professional networking online and Salesforce community members are very active in various mediums on LinkedIn. Active community members, bloggers, developers & admins will all regularly post updates from their own blogs and relevant articles they come across, as well as Salesforce news stories. LinkedIn also has various groups where users will post questions and various articles, these groups are always worth browsing through to find interesting, relevant, up-to-date content. If you have any favourite members of the community it’s always worth reaching out to connect with them and say thanks, you will also find many will also take time out of their day to help you with any queries you might have.

Good for – Networking, News Stories, Jobs, Blog Posts

Notable People – David Giller, Ben McCarthy, Oliver Hansen
Notable Groups – Salesforce Certification Group, Salesforce Solutions & Tips


This may be considered as the social go-to for all things Salesforce. Why? Because it provides a great platform for you to share updates and create conversations with Salesforce peers and expert across the globe. There are a number of influential industry people on twitter some of which I have listed below. Follow these people and many more if you want to keep up-to-date with the latest salesforce news, gossip and updates.

Who to follow?

Marc Benioff – CEO. Enough said.

Mike Gerholdt & Gillian Madhail – ButtonClick Admin author/ButtonClick Admin Podcast hosts.

Jennifer Wobser – #1 Salesforce Admin and MVP

Cheryl Feldman – Salesforce MVP

Jodi Wagner – Co-leader of the London Salesforce Business User Group

Salesforce Support – Help guides, how-to videos and articles to learn new skills.

Dreamforce – Follow us for announcements & additional @Salesforce event info

Salesforce – everything you need to know about what’s going on in the Salesforce world.

Salesforce User Groups

User groups provide a great opportunity to; get together; network; share ideas; get up-to-date with all things Salesforce, face-to-face, in an informal environment. User groups also provide the opportunity for you to build lasting relationships with the people that make up the Salesforce industry. So what are you waiting for? Go and join a user group near you today.


To find out where your local user group is click here or if you want some suggestions on which user group to join take a look at some of the brilliant groups below.

London Admin User Group

This is the first of it’s kind, a group for those people who spend their days working behind the scenes of the Salesforce setup menu. This group aims to serve the needs of Salesforce admins and those new to Salesforce by providing a place to meet face-to-face, share personal experiences and see hands-on examples of Salesforce configuration techniques using all the features. #awesomeadmin!

Girly Geeks

Currently an online success community group in the UK only, Girly Geeks, as mentioned above, is a great place for women and men to come together and promote women in technology. Join the Girly Geeks main group or find a local group in your area to start spreading diversity in technology.


Forcewest is a business networking group in Bristol for anyone working with Salesforce.com, or wanting to find out more about the technology platform. This free event, hosted by Desynit, runs every couple of months. Come and have a drink, hear from expert speakers, get your questions answered, and meet others working with or on the platform in Bristol and the South West at this friendly and sociable event, open to all

Industry Blogs

The salesforce industry is equipped with many Salesforce experts and customers wanting to share their insights, tips and updates. Thankfully, as we work in an Industry where the people are so willing to give back, there are a bunch of Salesforce blogs that you can expect to be of high quality, regularly updated and unbiased. One of the best things about all of these blogs is that none are the same, some are geared towards beginners or advanced members of the community, Developers, Administrators, Consultants, Users, and the list goes on!

Admin Hero – Tips and updates by a true Admin hero – Brent Downey.

SalesforceWeek.ly  – A great blog by authors Mike Gill and Chris Ewards, where you can get a round up of all the things that have been happening in Salesforce this week.

Button Click Admin – Not only do you get the expertise of the most influential Salesforce admin out there – Mike Gerholdt, but you also get to listen to an amazing podcast too!

Wizard News – Newspaper style blog with MVP Brian Kwong. Includes a weekly podcast along with many helpful and interesting blog posts.

Woman Code Heroes – Kieren Jameson walks you through the coding side of Salesforce in a fun, interesting and gripping way.

SFDC99 – Salesforce Coding lessons for the 99%. David Liu’s Apex & Visualforce tutorials which is one of the most talked about blogs in the ecosystem.

Stack Exchange

Screen Shot 2015-06-08 at 11.50.42Stack Exchange is a question and answer format website that has a collection of sub domains dedicated to specific topics, naturally Salesforce has its own. Salesforce Stack Exchange is more geared towards developers and administrators that are looking to heavily customize Salesforce using various methods. For examples some of the most popular categories are Apex, Visualforce, Triggers, SOQL, Javascript and API. Stack Exchange runs off a badge and points rewards system for its members who wish to participate in answering users questions. As Stack Exchange tries to cover all areas of computing, you have many members that are not solely focussed on Salesforce and may be able to help you integrate with other systems. Definitely one to check out.

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