7 Tips from Salesforce Influencers

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In the Salesforce community, we’re always looking to discover more about Salesforce the company and doing our jobs as Salesforce admins, developers and architects better.


Following Jenny Bamber’s post earlier week, 6 Ways to Get Support and Network Within Salesforce, I’d like to present another way to increase your Salesforce success: My friends over at Run Consultants, where I guest post sometimes, created a pretty helpful eBook on the Top 50 Salesforce Influencers on Twitter.

This list includes Salesforce admins, developers, architects, MVPs, industry experts, global influencers, bloggers, journalists and developer relations professionals whose mission is to teach others about Salesforce community outreach, thought leadership, developer tips and breaking news.

The eBook also features advice from some of the influencers, about how to be Salesforce-wise on Twitter and why they feel Salesforce is a company worth Tweeting about.

From the Salesforce influencers, here are seven tips for your own Salesforce success using Twitter:

  1. “If you need help, use hashtag #askforce; if you want to talk about the company or its products, use #salesforce.” – Cheryl Feldman, Salesforce Consultant and MVP, Influencer No. 49 (@CherFeldman)
  2. “Even if you have a lot of followers, only a fraction of them see each of your posts. Don’t be afraid to share the same post a couple of times if it’s important.” – Rebecca Dente, Salesforce MVP and Blogger, Influencer No. 15 (@sfdc_nerd)
  3. “Finding a key phrase inside a blog post, quoting it and then attributing it to the author with their Twitter handle goes a long way in adding value to community.” – Zachary Jeans, Principal at Tourizing, Founder at ImpactMatters, Influencer No. 1 (@ZacharyJeans)
  4. “Curate the content. Don’t just post stories because they are about Salesforce; if you find them interesting, it’s likely your followers will, too.” – Keir Bowden, Chief Technical Officer at BrightGen, Force.com MVP, Influencer No. 10 (@bob_buzzard)
  5. “Any Salesforce consultant or administrator has some secret sauce; they do something different that is worth talking about. Figure out what that is, and share, share, share.” – Garry Polmateer, Managing Partner at Red Argyle, Salesforce.com consulting and developer specialist, Influencer No. 44 (@DarthGarry)
  6. “Give it context, make it visual. Add in a video or a screenshot.” – Matt Bertuzzi, Sales and Marketing Operations at The Bridge Group, Salesforce MVP, Influencer No. 22 (@mattbertuzzi)
  7. “I use the Buffer app and cannot recommend this enough.” – Michael Gill, Salesforce MVP, Salesforce Certified Professional, Blogger at Salesforceweekly (@AgentGill)

For more Salesforce tips and tricks – including when I talk about Salesforce as a guest blogger, subscribe to the Run Consultants blog and consider following them on Twitter. Have any other advice for using Twitter to learn and share more about Salesforce? Let me know in the comments section!

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