5 things I want to get out of Dreamforce as a Marketer

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We’ve reached the 1 month countdown to Dreamforce! Wow, that came around quickly… If you’re like me, this milestone will kick you into action to start prepping for ‘the learning event of the year’ and how to get maximum value out of this incredible opportunity.

As we await the launch of  the Agenda Builder (powered by AI this year!), I’m pondering which themes I want to e

xplore and which of the 2,700+ sessions I will be cherry-picking to attend.

As a marketer myself, I know all too well that there’s never a dull moment in our discipline. 2017 has been a whirlwind of awesome trends and innovation in Marketing Automation, and the developments in both the Pardot and Marketing Cloud product suites have bought that speed of innovation into our hands.

Note this – Dreamforce is timed perfectly. Now we’re in the final quarter of 2017, we need to start looking forward to 2018 and beyond. Dreamforce is the week to see innovation in a tangible way, get access to experts and take away practical action to make those digital marketing dreams a reality.

Product Roadmap Sessions…a peek into the crystal ball!

Product Roadmap sessions will reveal what’s upcoming in the next coupe of product releases. Hearing about future features and technology appeals to our instinctive curiosity for the exclusive.

Marketing Cloud roadmap sessions will balance cutting-edge industry trends, and link to how Salesforce is working to be there, present, at the edge of innovation.

Email Studio, Mobile Studio, Content Builder & Journey Builder
Session 1 link / Session 2 link

Advertising Studio (so hot, it gets it’s own dedicated roadmap session).
Session link.

Source: Salesforce

More Marketing Cloud Demos

In addition to the Product Roadmap sessions, I will be hunting out opportunities to get closer to the existing Marketing Cloud suite. With the Marketing Cloud (+ Pardot) product offering being extensive (and modular), I haven’t had the opportunity to work with all the Studios/Hubs/Tools on a regular basis.

Look out for these demo booths throughout the Cloud Expo – floorplan map pending!

Source: Pardot

Discover Einstein Analytics in a Practical Way

Einstein Analytics and Artificial Intelligence seemed so futuristic a year ago. Increasingly, we’re hearing more about Salesforce’s progress into the realm of predictive analytics. Since Wave for B2B Marketers was rebranded earlier this year, I’ve been itching to play around with the supercharged Analytics tool and begin thinking about it applying it practically for my own use cases.

Prepping for Account-based Marketing (ABM) – for real.

For many, ABM seemed a little ambitious when it was first uttered by Salesforce – but how far it’s come! This year, you have a choice of 17 sessions on ABM!

ABM has gone from a nice-to-have to a real possibility. I would love to find out how I can practically prepare my Salesforce org and Pardot account for ABM – including solving the woes of dirty data and configuration nuances.  

Here are some of the sessions I will be targeting to get my questions answered:

Salesforce on Salesforce: 4 Tips for Getting Started with ABM

Einstein Account-Based Marketing: Salesforce’s Complete ABM Solution

ABM 2.0: The Expert Panel

Putting ABM Into Play: Implementing Marketing Automation for Your ABM Strategy 1 and 2

Optimize Your ABM Strategy with Pardot

Building Insight & Orchestration to Enable Einstein ABM

Network like crazy

With 170,000 Trailblazers attending Dreamforce 2017, I’m not going to miss the opportunity to get talking to people that I share a lot of common interests with. Giving your agenda some breathing room is top advice from many Dreamforce veterans, and some spare time will increase your chances of landing in some spontaneous, eye-opening conversations with other ambitious marketers.

There will be specific chill-out zones for marketers, and I’ve spotted that pre-registration is available for the

Source: Pardot


What’s left for me to say is kick yourself into action to start prepping on how maximise the value out of this incredible week.

The developments in both the Pardot and Marketing Cloud product suites have bought incredible innovation into our hands – and now it’s time to look forward to 2018 and beyond.

What are you looking forward to at Dreamforce? I would love to hear about other trends  Marketers are hawk-eyed on for Dreamforce!

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