5 Reasons to Migrate to Lightning This Spring ’18

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Yes more about Spring! Ben has already taken us through the 5 Must See Salesforce Spring ’18 Features! and recently the Complete Guide to Salesforce Spring ’18. A release gives us a lot to talk about, not only about that Salesforce maintains, upgrades and extends the functionality 3 times a year, keeping all individual org customisations and performance up-to-date (which is pretty awesome!), but also the features and what they give us; Opportunity.

Embracing and adopting new releases enables you to:

– Reduce Technical Debt

– Bring Faster Innovation

– Maximise the Return On Investment

Let me highlight some of the specific reasons in the upcoming Spring’18 release to make you move to Lightning.


1) Path is finally available for Case object!

You can determine and customize the stages that are important to your organization and provide guidance for your users.

In LEX we had path available for account, opportunity, lead, campaign, contract, order, and custom objects. However, with Case being one of the objects in Salesforce with most functionality tied in, it has taken a bit longer to arrive, but it is finally here.

2) Open records in tabs, and pin record tabs to the Navigation Bar

Within Classic, your customisation options are relatively limited with the navigation bar. Sure you can rearrange and add/remove tabs, but that’s about it. Within this release, Salesforce are giving us the ability to reorder, rename, add/remove, but also add temporary tabs! These don’t have to be just objects, you can also now add records, lists, or dashboards.

3) Some TLC for Flows

Visual Flows are hidden gems. Unfortunately, it’s not so widely used, but as they can be easily embedded in any Lightning page using a standard component, which means they have become ultra powerful! Read more about standard components here.

With this release for Flows within Lightning you get to enable file attachment in flows using the File Upload Component, you can also launch a flow from an object-specific action and you can embed lightning components within flows.

Upload Files from a Flow

4) ‘Mass Quick Actions’ and ‘Quick Text’

If this made you hesitant to make the move, now you have no more excuses, both are generally available and more productive than ever within Lightning Experience.

You can use quick text to insert predefined messages into macro instructions and to make things even more productive, use merge fields in quick text, which is a totally new feature.

5) Accordion component

New to the Lightning app builder, you can add this component to your lightning pages to streamline the length management of your page so that your users can collapse sections within it.

You can also use the Accordion component on all record pages.Accordion component

I hope these little treasures that are about to hit your salesforce orgs have tempted you enough to make the move into Lightning Experience. Don’t miss out and get stuck in the past!

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