5 Great Ways To Use myTrailhead in your Organisation

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If you’re on the fence about using myTrailhead for your salesforce reps, consider this your sign. We say go for it!

Salesforce Trailhead is an innovative gamified online learning platform for “skilling up” your Salesforce reps or even for training individually for a future thriving career in Salesforce. The software is made up of challenges and badge-based learning incentives to create a more communal learning experience within teams.


myTrailhead is a new, more modern continuous learning platform from Salesforce Trailhead. The new platform was created to enable companies to customize the learning environments with their own products, content, and branding. That means custom onboarding trails and a more personalized company-centric learning system. Think of it as an online school, but designed for inner company training for Salesforce. With myTrailhead, you gain the ability to create your own Trailhead modules so they can be customized to your reps. There’s truly nothing like it on the market today and companies are starting to really catch on to its usability and appeal.

Still not convinced? We put together five awesome ways and reasons to utilize Salesforce Trailhead. Let’s dive right in, shall we?

  1. 1. Health and Safety Processes

No matter what business you run, if it’s a hands-on type of company, you’ll always need to run health and safety protocol through your employees. One great way to do this is with quizzes through myTrailhead to ensure reps know the right procedures.

If you feel this might be unnecessary to do with your particular reps, think of it this way. Perhaps you work in a high-rise office building. In the event of a fire or massive emergency, your employees are going to need to know the correct protocol for evacuation, and they aren’t just going to learn that by themselves. It’s not just an ethical issue that we should be training our employees in health and safety protocol, but it could be a workplace hazard issue as well. Protect your employees, yourself, and your assets by creating a useful and easy to remember health and safety plan. Implementation through myTrailhead makes the usually boring act of running through protocols like this much more fun and exciting.

  1. 2. New Employee Training.

If you’re bringing in a fresh batch of employees, you’ll have to train them. That’s just part of the Salesforce game.

It’s substantially easier (and cheaper) to build a lesson plan based on company onboarding to offer your new employees rather than setting up live training every week for every new batch of newbies. It’s exhausting, you’ll be paying someone to do it, and it’s a bit of an archaic way to educate new employees. Trailhead makes it fun and helps new employees memorize important basics through quizzes and a game-like atmosphere.

Even if your employees aren’t necessarily entry-level and are relatively up to date on modern Salesforce information and implementation, there are still other things they’ll need to be trained up on. These include information about the individual company, dress code, and other rules.

By doing new employee training with myTrailhead, you’re prepping your employees to use this software right off the bat. After the initial new employee training, they’ll be familiar with the program and be comfortable using it for additional Salesforce training down the road. No learning curve, no roadblocks. Just lesson plans delivered swiftly and effectively.

  1. 3. Product Knowledge and New Release Training

When your company releases a new product, your Salesforce team needs to learn every single thing about that product. What it looks like, what its function is, costs, price points, etc. To effectively sell that product and get those deals, they need to know everything.

Trailhead was basically built for this type of thing. You can easily create custom modules or “lesson plans” based entirely around a particular product. This is great for introducing the new product in an easy to digest way that won’t overwhelm employees with information. Leaderboards come in handy here, because knowing everything about the product is probably the most important thing about Salesforce work. By setting up some competition with a great leaderboard program like Spinify along with Trailhead, employees will be more motivated to explore the product and get those sales.

  1. 4. Support Training.

Customer support is a major part of sales that doesn’t really get as much love as it should. While a support team may not be trying to get sales or deals, they’re essentially responsible for making sure those deals are still set in stone. They do this by answering customer support calls, sending customer support follow-up calls, and basically doing a lot of technical support for the company.

Since your support team is so important, it’s vital that they get Grade A support and customer service training. While you can only really master the art of great customer support through practice and experience, Trailhead training can certainly come in handy. Try making up modules on customer service basics as well as the unique company policies that your employees will need to know for sales support.

  1. 5. Make Everything Training-Based Just a Bit More Exciting.

Outside of what we’ve mentioned, myTrailhead is a great tool to use for spicing up any type of workplace learning experience. You can also add a sense of friendly competitiveness in the workplace by using myTrailhead with a lively leaderboard.

Leaderboard software like Spinify can make those training items more exciting and engage the reps to complete them in a timely manner. By using “gamifying” techniques to celebrate and motivate employees, you’re increasing performance and creating an atmosphere that’s fun but also highly competitive.

You can do a lot with gamification leaderboard software. Reps receive trophies for various accomplishments and play personalized songs when they hit goals. You can also increase the visibility of data with leaderboard software as well. If you’re using myTrailhead, we definitely recommend pairing it with a leaderboard-type program such as Spinify.

Are you convinced that myTrailhead is a great tool? We certainly hope so! Let us know how you plan to use this awesome software in the comments below.

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