5 Findings that prove you are one Hot Commodity

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“As workers and employers consider their career paths over the coming decade, Salesforce provides the opportunity to grow into high-paying, high-growth jobs.” (Burning Glass[1])

Are you even aware how sought after you are becoming? We’ve got some exciting news about your popularity status in the Enterprise Software space.

In their report titled: “Salesforce Skills are a Platform to Better Jobs”, Burning Glass Technologies, a Boston-based labour analytics firm, have compiled some incredible statistics. Their report covers findings from 27 million job postings over a year period (July 2015-June 2016). This publication follows on nicely from the IDC findings on the overall Salesforce Economy last year, and now we can get granular with measuring demand in our own specialised fields.

Why has demand for Salesforce skills grown so fast?

The short answer: to catch up with the demand of employers, who make up the 150,000+ strong Salesforce customer base. Salesforce have done a spectacular job of generating the demand for Salesforce careers through their incredible net-new revenue growth and install-base expansion (ie. upselling to existing customers).
So where do you stand? Here are 5 things Burning Glass found that prove you are a hot commodity.

1. Overall Skill Popularity

Back in 2013, Salesforce skills came 18th in demand rankings of software skills. Now, it’s a different picture. Salesforce has shot up 11 positions, now sitting as the 7th most in demand software skill field.

If this isn’t impressive enough for you, allow me to add this. Salesforce climbing the rankings through the past 4 years has meant it has overtaken some ‘power-house’ IT skills, such as Python, .Net and C++ [1]. For a platform specific field to overtake these broader skill-sets that fast is pretty impressive!

2. Want to glide into a job in Business Development and be the ‘top dog’ of the Sales world? Bolster your Salesforce skills.

“Postings for Sales Representatives with Salesforce skills have increased twice as quickly as sales representatives as a whole” [1]

As more sales teams use Salesforce to become augmented with automation and collaborate with increasing sophistication, their reliance on their chosen CRM changes to a long-term loyalty. They’re sticking with Salesforce. They need people who can use it and leverage it to it’s full potential.

A sales person with Salesforce knowledge suddenly becomes a sought-after selling machine. Employers seek out this skill combination so you can be as efficient as possible, reduce the ‘dead’ time doing admin and maximise your selling time! Being able to suggest improvements to the process with Salesforce’s capabilities makes you even more indispensable.

3. Are you a Salesforce Developer, Salesforce Administrator or specifically have ‘Salesforce’ in your job title?

“Salesforce-specific roles have more than quadrupled in demand since 2012”[1]

The market demand for you and your skill set has sky-rocketed by 4 times in only 5 years, making up 12% of the Salesforce job market. No need to worry about ‘pigeon-holing’ in this career!

4. Salesforce Architects and Network Engineers, you are in your own league.

Growth in demand for your specialisation has grown 10.7x faster than all other Salesforce-related jobs in the past 5 years.

This is due to enterprises looking to further increase their Salesforce footprint beyond the Cloud products to make it the core ‘hub’ of enterprise business systems. They’ll need your help to continue doing that for sure!

5. Marketing

Pairing Salesforce CRM with Salesforce’s Marketing Automation Platforms (Pardot/Marketing Cloud) makes perfect business sense for cyclical customer nurturing and measuring Marketing ROI.

As a Marketing Specialist with Salesforce skills, you can expect 38% more salary than a run-of-the-mill Marketing professional.

Anyone with any Salesforce Marketing Certification can expect salaries between $67,000 to just over $68,000 – and that’s just the average. Add in a few more certifications and a forward-thinking approach, and you’ll easily be cruising into the 6-figures.


If you’re going to make a bet on what career to pursue, the odds are looking good for your Salesforce career.

The truth is, employers are seeking out people who already have these Salesforce-specific skill sets so that you can ‘ramp’ faster, making an impact right from the very first day you join.

This post may sound like Salesforce-skilled professions are an exclusive ‘clique’, but you’re welcome to join. Salesforce has made working with their product suite so accessible, and it is beginning to pay off for everyone. Your initiation into the club is to check out the ton of free resources that exist online, like Trailhead, the perfect starting point. Then when you’re ready, invest in yourself to become certified.

If you want to get rich and have a fulfilling role for the long-term, look no further.

Thanks to Burning Glass Technologies and Trailhead, their report is a great read – trust me. Click here to download the full copy.


[1] Burning Glass Technologies, “Salesforce Skills are a Platform to Better Jobs”, February 2017.

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