30+ Salesforce Events in 2019 – Europe [Infographic]

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The Salesforce event landscale is a fantastic reflection of the Salesforce community as a whole. The events are exciting, initiative, varied in content (They are not just tech focused!), and a lot of effort is put into them. There are a few different types of Salesforce events, ranging from events organised by passionate Salesforce professionals (Community events), to the huge mega-conferences put on by Salesforce themselves. If you would like to see the whole range of events, check out our post here.

Without further adeuo let’s check out 30 Salesforce Events in Europe and beyond for 2019!

Community events

Community-led annual events are more like a family gathering. Coming in all shapes and sizes, they are organised across the globe. It is Salesforce ISV’s, non-profits organizations, user group leaders and MVPs who bring the community together. Often connected to a fun activity like surfing or skiing, they truly make for places where you can meet new peers and have fun in a relaxed atmosphere while learning Salesforce. The number of attendees differs, it is usually around a couple of hundred, and not more than a thousand.

Here is a selection of the European ones:

London’s Calling | 8th March | London, UK

dreamOle | 12th April | Barcelona, Spain

SkiForce, | 12th – 14th April | Obergurgl, Austria

YeurDreamin | 14th June | Amsterdam, Netherlands

CzechDreamin | August (TBA) | Prague, Czech Republic

French Touch Dreamin | 20th September | Paris, France

Surf force | 27th – 28th September | Cornwall, UK

Inspire East | October (TBA) | Cambridge, UK

Resco.next | November (TBA) | Rome, Italy

AppInnovation | November (TBA) | Paris, France

Basecamps + Dreamforce to you

Basecamps and Dreamforce to you events are also held throughout the year in different locations. Hundreds of attendees meet to keep track on the latest Salesforce technology and innovations. This is where you go to sharpen your skills on doing business with Salesforce thanks to quality breakout sessions and the keynote. Dreamforce to you is a selection of the best of the best from Dreamforce – the massive conference in San Francisco. This comes in various sizes – ranging from 200+ – 1500+ attendees.

Basecamps Germany

Mainz | 12th March

Stuttgart | 29th March

Nurnberg | 3rd April

Munich | 6th – 7th May

Berlin | 21st – 22nd May

Dusseldorf | 18th June

Hamburg | 27th August.

Other Basecamps

Copenhagen, Denmark | 3th April

Stockholm, Sweden | 9th April

Milan, Italy | 28th May

Louvain-La-Neuve, Belgium | June (TBA)

Zurich, Switzerland | July (TBA)

Prague, Warsaw, Budapest | Fall (TBA)

Lausanne, Switzerland | December (TBA)

Dreamforce to you

Brussels, Belgium | November (TBA)

Amsterdam, Netherlands | November (TBA)

World Tours

If you want to become a part of the Salesforce community, world tour events are perfect to start off with. Not only is it free of charge, but you get access to top speakers, industry sessions, you get to meet renowned partners showcasing their solution at the expo, and much more. This event of such a big scale comes to its attendees in various cities, annually.  Expect thousands of attendees.

Amsterdam, Netherlands | 07th March

London, UK | May (TBA)

Paris, France | 27th June

Big Events!

Although, these are not the events taking place in Europe, we couldn’t exclude them from the list. These are the massive super popular events driven by visitors from all the continents.

Trailhead DX, San Francisco | 29th – 30th May

TrailheadDX focuses on Amdins & Developers. 2-day learning within 150+ sessions is simply a must-attend event for every Salesforce admin and developer.

Connections, Chicago | 17th – 19th June

Salesforce Connections provide the best insights you’d need to engage with customer in meaningful ways. Here, you can easily find new partners in digital marketing, commerce and customer service.

Dreamforce, San Francisco | 19th -22nd November

If you could tell which event is “one-of-a kind”, it would definitely be Dreamforce. During Dreamforce, all of San Francisco turns into a city of Salesforce fans. Thousands of sessions and attendees, and exhibitors. An event dedicated to industry experts, innovators and anyone who is involved with Salesforce in one way or another.

So, make your choice. Or choices! Little hint? You won’t regret signing up to any of the above mentioned conferences!

Missed an event or two in the list? Let us know which ones and we will gladly update the list! Talk to us at [email protected].

Barbora Piatrová takes her passion for digital marketing & enterprise mobility everywhere she goes. Currently, she’s involved in creating & mastering content strategy at resco.net – one of the global leaders in developing cross-platform mobile software solutions. She is now actively also discovering and participating in thriving communities for Salesforce enthusiasts.

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