3 Free and Essential Tools for Account Based Selling via Salesforce

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The concept of Account Based Sales is taking off like wildfire amongst B2B sales organizations.

To the yeoman, Account Based Sales (ABS) is a technology-driven spin on a classic enterprise sales process, where a sales team predominantly works off of a pre-established list of qualified, targeted accounts (each containing multiple prospects) to take down.


For B2B sales teams enacting an ABS system and leveraging Salesforce.com to do their handy work, here are 3 free, essential tools the writers of a new eBook, Bridging the Gap: The Basics of Account Based Marketing & Selling, recommend to implement into their sales process.

A key facet of Account Based Sales is that it requires a) accurate contact data on multiple prospects within an account and b) does not necessarily work off inbound leads.

For sales ops leaders, the goal with ABS is to quickly, easily find targeted new prospects and import their data accurately into Salesforce. These tools are 100% free, efficient, and proven to work (the Bridging the Gap co-authors from Ambition, PersistIQ and LeadGenius use them everyday).

The Tools: Email Hunter, Clearbit, Leadliger

Here’s a look at each tool and how to use it. Again, all 3 of these are free and ready to make your sales efforts that much more powerful.

Tool #1. Email Hunter

Email Hunter is the perfect starting point for a sales ops leader who is looking to find prospect data quickly and easily.
Simply install the Email Hunter plug-in into your Chrome Browser, and whenever you access a prospect’s LinkedIn page, you’ll be greeted with an Email Hunter button that, when clicked, will guess the prospect’s work email based on the company’s standardized demarcation for employee emails.

Screen Shot 2016-07-20 at 16.43.04

Tool #2. ClearBit

Our next tool, Clearbit, works by itself or hand-in-hand with Email Hunter.

Okay, so you think you have a prospect’s email address. How do you verify its accuracy? Simply download the ClearBit plug-in for your Browser then copy/paste the prospect’s alleged email into a new “Send” message on your Gmail account.

If the email is accurate, the prospect’s relevant contact info will appear in the sidebar of your browser. Note: If no info appears, don’t write that email off. Paste it into your search tab in Gmail and see if the company name and/or contact info comes up. If still no info comes up, you’ll have to verify the email the old fashioned way – by sending out an email and seeing if there’s a bounce back.

Screen Shot 2016-07-20 at 16.44.34As you can see from my screenshot, Clearbit is also a great way to get quick, actionable sales intelligence on a prospect’s account and see if it meets your ideal client profile. For that reason it’s a great way to quickly, easily add accurate contact info of cold prospects to Salesforce and assess the viability of new inbounds you may be capturing via your blog or elsewhere.

Tool #3. LeadLiger

LeadLiger is the latest and greatest of the free tools that enable an ABS-driven sales organization that uses Salesforce. Sign up for free, download the chrome plug-in, and you can immediately generate a prospect’s contact info, including title, company, work email and phone, then import all that data straight to Salesforce with just 1-2 clicks.

Screen Shot 2016-07-20 at 16.47.04

Although the free subscription limits users to 25 prospects per day and 100 per month, it’s the most unbeatable way to not only get accurate contact info on prospects, but inject them directly into Salesforce in a matter of seconds.

Get More Tools for Account Based Selling with Salesforce

These tools are just the beginning. Check out our brand new eBook: Bridging the Gap: The Basics of Account Based Marketing and Selling, to discover more tools, both free and paid, to augment your Account Based Selling process through Salesforce.

To learn more about these free tools, check out the links above. And to learn more about LeadLiger and Troops, another great, free tool for Salesforce users who also use Slack, check out my interviews with LeadLiger Co-Founder Ken Barton and Troops Co-Founder Scott Britton.
Best of luck to your sales organization. Feel free to leave comments and questions below, or, submit them to [email protected]

5 thoughts on “3 Free and Essential Tools for Account Based Selling via Salesforce

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    Thanks for sharing an informative blog post. These account based tools are really helpful in increasing business productivity while integrating with Salesforce. Managing contacts and email addresses is the critical task which can be done by these.

  3. Avatar

    Hi Ben,

    This is a helpful list of salesforce tools for account based selling. Hunter by the way, no longer can “scrape” linkedin per the updates in 2017.

    One key element for Account Based Selling with Salesforce is monitoring your contacts in key accounts. When someone changes jobs or companies ABS teams can collect up to 4 new leads. 1: replacement person, 2 your old contact’s new company, 3 who your old contact replaced – 4 where did they go, and so on. The first person to engage an executive wins 74% of the new contacts they sign within the first 3 months.

    We have automated the validation and monitoring of your Salesforce contacts. A simple OAuth connection (NO Admin or IT need) is all that is Required.

    Any of your readers can get started for free.

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    Alex Kerschhofer


    Great collection Ben! I’d like to add a newcomer here – it’s called ABS Pack and its objective is to convert Salesforce into an account based CRM system. It features It’s a unique ABS success metric, lead-to-account matching and persona detection powered by machine learning – outperforming everything else on the market. It’s free on the appexchange and 100% Salesforce native.

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