Salesforce Email URL Hack

Following on from my 4 Clever Hacks with Custom Buttons post, I’m going to be covering URL Hacking with Salesforce Emails. What this will allow you to do is override the default function of that “Send Email” button in Salesforce to do whatever you want!… Read More

Creating Email Templates

Creating email templates in Salesforce is seriously easy and can save you a huge amount of time if you find yourself sending out the same old emails. This could range from sending out introduction emails to leads, standard welcome letters or case notification emails. You have… Read More

Creating Custom List Views

If you are unfamiliar with creating custom list views I will give you a short introduction. List views are ways of displaying small bite size chunks of data that are instantly accessible for different Objects (Leads, Accounts, Opportunities, Custom Objects etc). List views are created by… Read More