Service Cloud LiveMessage

Even with the festive season around the corner Salesforce stays as busy as Santa. During the opening of this past Dreamforce keynote there was a quick mention of LiveMessage, today the product news is here! What is LiveMessage? It’s an application that consolidates communication across multiple… Read More

Announcing Lightning Partner Community

On the 3rd of November, Salesforce announced the launch of Lightning Partner Community, a new component to the Salesforce Community Cloud. Salesforce Communities allows us to build deeper relationships with customers and collaborate anywhere with our entire customer community, to accelerate channel sales, connect customers,… Read More

The Salesforce Agile Mindset

Delivering enhancements to the platform can sometimes be lengthy, the reason being: People. People and the processes around it of course, as well as other factors, yet always based on human input. In 2006, Salesforce made the switch from a waterfall approach to development, to… Read More

Winter ’17 Classic UI Features

The latest Salesforce Release notes are out and full of great Lightning Experience features, some of which we mentioned last week. Yet, as per current limitations on Lightning Experience, many customers are still in preparation or assessment stage prior making the move to the Lightning… Read More