New Service Cloud VP & Features

We have a great addition to the Salesforce Service Cloud family (drum roll please),  let us welcome Bill Patterson as the new Service Cloud Senior Vice President and Product Management Leader. Mr Patterson said: “Salesforce is truly a special place” acknowledging the move from Microsoft… Read More

Introduction to Salesforce Platform Events

Nowadays companies no longer work solely with one application, that is where Event Driven Architectures with Platform Events come into play. Platform Events helps to speed up development where generally ‘point-to-point’ integration would slow it down. From Summer’17 Release we get this native feature which… Read More

Meet Salesforce DMP (Krux)

It’s been around 8 months since Salesforce acquired Krux, and now they are rebranding as: Salesforce DMP. DMP stands for Data Management Platform, which holds audience and campaign data, a sort of data warehouse taken from all kinds of different information sources. Krux was initially focused on… Read More