The 5 Most Wanted Salesforce Features: IdeaExchange Round-up

The Salesforce IdeaExchange is my favourite section of the Success Community. It’s a forum-style zone where Salesforce users can post ideas that they think should be included in the Salesforce platform – generated by the people on the ground who know their requirements the best!

The IdeaExchange has now been running for longer than a decade (11 years to be exact), and  has been overwhelmingly successful in substituting various user feedback collection methods that otherwise would have been required.

Some famous examples on exchange all time:

3 column Dashboards.
  Score: 84,610, delivered in Lightning.
 Duplicate record alerts.
  Score: 67,260, delivered Spring ‘15
 Link a single contact to multiple accounts.
  Score: 64,560, delivered in Summer ‘16

You may read through the delivered ideas and be surprised that these were user generated ideas – that’s the beauty of the IdeaExchange, it pushes rich feedback for product development to use.

Each idea must be processed through a number of stages, shown in the screenshot below. To determine which are the ‘most wanted’ ideas, I ordered the ideas based on the volume of votes they had accumulated (and skipping any ideas that have been delivered).

The ideas below are what showed up as the top 5. I’ve written a blurb for each, and linked the voting page for each for easy access, so no excuse to not get voting!

1. Dependent Page Layouts

Status: In Development
Vote count: 7,376

To kick-off, we have an idea for Page Layouts to be dependent on field values of the record.
It has been on the IdeaExchange for a whopping 10 years! Over this decade, it has accumulated over 73,000 points, and 29 merged ideas. Clearly it’s something on people’s minds a lot.

Page Layouts control where and how the element on a page are presented to users. You can assign page layouts to certain record type or users (profiles), but currently you are not able to assign these dynamically ie. determined by the data in particular fields.

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2. Schedule reports: PDF attachment & Excel export option.

Status: In Development
Vote count: 5,032

Currently functionality enables you to ‘Schedule future Runs’, so that the dashboard data is refreshed as frequently as users need it, eg. the sales manager for his weekly forecast call.
Dashboards are only available in HTML format (ie. in your browser). What was put forward was to schedule the refreshes, and have them stored as PDF documents and accessible on the dashboard. PDFs are easy to send over email, print, and present in meetings. In addition, have the ability to export in Excel is something many people would find useful to be able to modify any confidential or irrelevant information prior to sharing.

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3. Related Lists: Sorting Order AKA ‘Multi-sort’

Status: Under Consideration
Vote count: 4,578

Related lists have been an essential part to Salesforce’s forte as a robust, relational database of customer data. Related lists show the records that are linked to a specific record by a particular field, and are exposed in different ways whether you’re using Lightning/Classic interface, shown below:

How these are displayed is based on a relationship between objects, and for the above example, these are the case records that are related to this account. The records in this one-to-many relationship are ordered ascending or descending, eg. case created date, or any case field that is defined in the back-end by the admin..

The idea is to be able to order based on more than one criteria, for example:
This is known as ‘secondary sorting’. This should even be extended for users to chose how the view is arranged, similar to list views.

As you read through the comment feed, you get a sense of the clamouring and undeniable want for this enhancement – one commenter humorously calling this the ‘black hole of the IdeaExchange!

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4. Ability to Print Dashboards

Status: Under Consideration
Vote count: 3,969

This idea is on the same track as point 2, to make dashboards more workable outside of the HTML format currently available.

When you look at the dimensions of dashboards and size of the text (chart & graph labels) it doesn’t say ‘printer friendly’. For those of us who love to annotate on paper, like myself, have gone and printed regardless, and worked with the output of a printed webpage. It results in a lot of squinting and scribbling.

In order to optimise for paper, there needs to be the ability to resize dashboard components and for text size to change responsively with it, in the absence of hovering or ‘drilling-down’ to the source report.

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5. Report Filters to directly compare to one another

Status: Under Consideration
Vote count: 3,913

When using report filters, you would typically build like this:
Opportunity Amount ? is greater than ? £100,000

But this report filter is pretty one-dimensional. You would be able to add a lot more context to if you were able to filter a date based on a comparison with another date, ‘as opposed to just is greater than some value’, as the proposer explains excellently (thanks for the use case as well!). For example:
Opportunity Amount ? is greater than ? Account average deal size

Was officially put on product roadmap last year, and everyone is waiting with baited breath.

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There you go, the top 5 ‘most wanted’ ideas on the Salesforce IdeaExchange, filtered based on vote volume and not delivered in the product. Hopefully you will feel inspired to visit the IdeaExchange, have a browse and place your votes towards what matters to you.

Remember, you can sort and filter ideas in a number of different ways, and ‘Trending’ order is a good way to see what’s hot, and weed out the slow burners.

And, have a look into product-specific areas too. One particular one I pay close attention to is the Pardot IdeaExchange. Want to see what ideas are trending for Pardot? Check out what potential new features are in review on this round-up post.

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6 thoughts on “The 5 Most Wanted Salesforce Features: IdeaExchange Round-up

  1. Great article Lucy. I have up-voted on number 1, 2 & 5. I also have made some comments on a new idea that was posted recently as I too am facing the same issue.

    Gotta love the Ideas Community – its powerful

    1. Powerful? For a fast-growing, futuristic cloud company that espouses customer-driven success?
      #1 = 10 years old and last comment a year ago with no meaningful ETA.
      #2 = 8 years old and a weak non-committal comment over 2 years ago.
      #3 = 10 years old and a newer comment )3 mos.), until you realize it’s the same wishy-washy ETA-less mush rehashing a much older wishy-washy ETA-less and useless comment.
      #4 = 10 years old and might actually finally be on a roadmap (and not the “long-term” one, which seems code for another 10 years).
      #5 = 9 years old and over a year since the typical blow off response.
      More like “Impotent” and scary if the IdeaExchange is Salesforce’s idea of customer-driven success…

  2. For me it feels IdeaExchange is to bury useful customer ideas. Search for a Salesforce problem, find the problem described on IdeaExchange and wonder why it is 8 years old on average, has e few thousand upvoted and is still unsolved.

  3. Great feature requests. May want to investigate if Skuid (Mang’d App in SF App Exchange) may solve some or all of these asks now.

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